Brexit minister warns against ‘coercive’ Covid measures in resignation letter

Follow RT on UK Brexit Minister David Frost resigned on Saturday, warning against imposing new Covid-related restrictions. He said he had to step down prematurely after his plans were leaked to the media. The resignation was first reported by the Mail on Sunday, which wrote about Frost’s growing disillusionment with the government’s economic policies in […]

Brexit minister resigns over ‘disillusionment’ with BoJo’s govt – media

Follow RT on Cabinet Minister Lord Frost has reportedly walked out of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government. Frost is believed to have grown disillusioned with Johnson’s Covid measures, tax hikes, and environmental policies. Frost’s departure was reported by the Mail on Sunday, citing sources within the government. The minister, who negotiated Britain’s departure from the […]

London declares ‘major incident’ over Omicron

Follow RT on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced a ‘major incident’ in the UK capital over the quickly deteriorating epidemiological situation prompted by the fast-spreading Omicron variant. “Today I have declared a major incident in London because of the serious threat of Covid-19 to our city. This will help us avoid disruption to […]

WATCH: Protesters clash with police during rally against Covid restrictions

Follow RT on Anti-vaxxers have clashed with police during a demonstration against anti-Covid measures in central London as officials admit they are “extremely worried” about the epidemiological situation in the UK capital. A ‘freedom rally’ organized by several self-described ‘resistance groups’ started at midday on Saturday at Parliament Square. Its participants are protesting the vaccine […]

UK ministers working on new lockdown plans – reports

Follow RT on The UK could be heading for a post-Christmas lockdown, in which Brits would be forbidden from gathering indoors. Across Europe, governments are rolling out fresh restrictions to deal with the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Although the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is highly transmissible and appears more resistant to vaccines, its symptoms […]

University could hire professors on ‘woke score’ – media

Follow RT on Oxford University’s race equality task force has reportedly published recommendations that could see academics judged and hired based on what’s been described by one professor as a “woke score.” The proposals are aimed at raising the number of hires from ethnic minority backgrounds, according to The Telegraph, which reviewed the task force’s […]

Civil servant tasked with investigating No. 10 parties ‘held own party’

Follow RT on British Cabinet Secretary Simon Case will no longer investigate a series of alleged lockdown-breaching Christmas parties at Downing Street, after it emerged that a festive gathering was held in his office over the same period. Case had been investigating a number of alleged festive gatherings held last winter at Prime Minister Boris […]

Aristocrat dubbed ‘Scrooge McDuke’ over outlandish rent demand

Follow RT on One of the most affluent men in Britain has been accused of excessive greed after he allegedly demanded annual rent of £600,000 for allowing a new train line to cross his land. Ralph Percy, 12th Duke of Northumberland, owns land which will be crossed by the new Northumberland Line to service deprived […]

‘Storm of Omicron’ on the horizon, Wales govt warns

Follow RT on Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has warned that the nation is facing an oncoming “storm of Omicron,” as he unveils a string of Covid restrictions in a bid to combat rising case numbers. From December 26, Wales will shut nightclubs and reintroduce social distancing in shops and workplaces. Unveiling the stricter measures, […]