Superbee – Heu ! Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’m on the legend level 살아숨쉬는 전설이 돼 버렸네 스물넷에 혓바닥에 감춘 AK, 적 가족사진에 Aim해 귀머거리가 5000만인 곳에 내 음악을 내면 안돼 이젠 예쁘게 웃어야 돼 이젠, 앨범보다는 그게 돈이 되지 가사는 왜 써, 누가 읽어? heu 실은 처음부터 진거야 난, heu, heu 숨이 찬다고 난, heu, heu, heu, heu 너무 벌어 […]

Adam Snow – 9 To 5 Lyrics (feat. Freddie Gibbs & Tedy Andreas)

[Intro] For me the saddest thing when I see young people that have already like, given in, yeah I’m like, yeah, that’s the time you fight, that’s the time you should try and fail and try again and then it’s like, when you get you’re old, you’re like, at least I tried, didn’t work out, you know, so I […]

YNW Melly – YNS Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh, I gotta keep fuckin’ goin’ Yeah Young Nigga World And that’s for life All my niggas dons, ya dig Goats, them some dons Know what I’m sayin’ Woo [Verse] Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, (Yeah) Young Nigga World, bitch (Yeah) Yeah, Young Nigga World, bitch Young Nigga World, G (Okay, bitch) Young Nigga World, jit […]

Abg Neal – Cuban Link Lyrics

[Intro] Cuban link, but the setting is prong [Chorus] Cuban link, but the setting is prong Short convos if the money ain’t long I know damn well I’m doin’ her wrong Fill her with lies, and string her along She’ll do whatever for Louis Vuitton Got out the trap, I’m finally on Crib in the woods, and it came with a lawn If she […]

Marlo – Soakin Wet Lyrics (feat. City Girls & Offset)

[Intro] Hitmaka OG Parker [Chorus: Marlo & Offset] What your niggas in here for and you ain’t tippin’? (Huh?) You ask me, “What you payin’ for?” That pussy different (Cash) Throw them wedding bands on ’em, no commitment (Hey) Ask me, “What you payin’ for?” That pussy different (Cash) Soakin’ wet, yeah Do it with […]