Quavo Agrees To Remake US National Anthem Under One Condition

Quavo has agreed to remake the United States national anthem but he will do so under one condition. Last week, Change.org petitioned for the Atlanta rapper to remake the national anthem amidst growing race relation tension stemming from the Charlottesville, VA incident. A TMZ photographer caught up with Quavo and asked him about the petition […]

Substantial – Lasting Impression (feat. Wayna) (The Past Is Always Present In The Future Album)

[Chorus] Maryland, yall got me cuz (Yeah!) Sub & The Stuy come rock with us (Yeah!) DC, yall got me cuz (Yeah!) HiPNOTT in the spot come rock w/ us (Yeah!) Eh, VA yall got me cuz (Yeah!) You know this joint ji crank come rock with us (Yeah!) Worldwide get live with us (Yeah!) […]