TV presenter Davina McCall accused of victim-blaming for criticizing ‘fear-mongering’, man-hating amid Sarah Everard murder

Follow RT on British television presenter Davina McCall sparked controversy after claiming that the abduction and murder of women in the UK is “extremely rare” and “fear-mongering isn’t healthy” following the killing of Sarah Everard. McCall wrote Friday on Twitter that female abduction and murder is rare, though “we should all be vigilant when out […]

Piers Morgan mocked as ‘snowflake’ after storming off his own show amid Meghan Markle row (VIDEO)

Follow RT on Good Morning Britain co-presenter Piers Morgan walked off the set of his own talk show after one of his colleagues condemned his attacks on Meghan Markle, prompting pundits and viewers alike to call the TV host thin-skinned. During Tuesday’s programme, co-presenter Alex Beresford objected to how Morgan “continues to trash” Markle, after […]

Cancelled veteran and TV star Ant Middleton shoots back at ‘woke patrol’ in interview with Piers Morgan

Follow RT on British veteran and former ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ star Ant Middleton shot back at Channel 4 after it announced it would no longer work with him, amid the man’s criticism of Black Lives Matter and coronavirus lockdowns. In a Wednesday appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Middleton denied making any intentionally offensive […]

‘This is getting sicker by the day’: Viewers blast TV show asking about rewards for snitching on neighbours breaking Covid rules

Follow RT on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ came under fire from viewers after it controversially asked whether Brits should receive a financial reward for turning their coronavirus rule-breaking neighbours in to the police. “Should people be rewarded for snitching on their neighbours who break lockdown rules?”asked presenter Kate Garraway during Friday’s show. Acknowledging that the […]

‘Pampered’ BBC diversity chief on £75k salary ripped for ‘lecturing’ poor, white Brits about ‘privilege’

Follow RT on BBC Creative Diversity Director June Sarpong claimed even low-income white people experience “benefits” because of their race. Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill has torn into BBC Creative Diversity Director June Sarpong for lecturing poor, working-class white people on their “privilege,” saying she did this despite being “pampered” and highly-paid herself. Appearing on the […]

Alltta – Holy Toast Lyrics (feat. 20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros)

In people without religion In steeples crowded with pigeons In visions of evil Through the key hole out of the prison Without a decision, fishing, in a father that listens In a tower, around a collar, in Obama’s position For the power, dollars, division, and the honor it’s given In a martyr, in women, in […]

Sansar Salvo – Politik Analiz Lyrics (feat. Zahriyan)

[Verse 1: Zahriyan] İçimde varsın dilimle sek duvarsın dilim için duamsın Sözümde bedduamsın son kanın damlasın Mezopotamya’da çicekler aksın Bahar hiç ağlamasın (sobe) Dilimde damlayıp kapandı karla kirli nağralar Kapandı şimdi ağrılar masallarım ve martılar Yıkıp biçen, ezip geçen, bu lehçem anlatır Gözümde canlanır kilisten İstanbul ah Türkiye Elimde değnek olsa gücümde varsa Siyah beyaz […]

Lennon Stella – Golf On Tv Lyrics (feat. Jp Saxe)

[Verse 1: Lennon Stella] I woke up to the bed made And you’re downstairs Doing the dishes And my mom’s there She’s kind of obsessed with you I think that I might be too She thinks that you’re good for me That’s not something I’m used to [Pre-Chorus: Lennon Stella] I keep getting overwhelmed When I talk about us […]