Lil Darkie – Genocide Lyrics

[Intro] Bitch, I’m smoking gas in my chambers like it’s the ********* We’re sorry, your lyric could not be completed because- “Ayy, you Lil Darkie, nigga?” -And we want to suppress your opinion, fascistically Take away the first amendment! All hail censorship! All hail our feelings! [Verse 1] My God is realer than yours He […]

Mike Dece – The Federation Lyrics (feat. Denzel Curry)

[Verse 1: Mike Dece] Slidin’ out 32, pistol regurgin’ you Taking lives faster than bops that keep hurting you I am not urging you, serve what I’m servin’ to keep my mind straight and my plate full of holy food Shots to your head like I’m Holyfield Pistol beside me, my holy shield All of […]