Hunnid On The Drop Lyrics – Montell2099 X 21 Savage

Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, 21, 21 Got a vacuum sealed machine and a digital scale Ridin’ in a new ‘Rari and I’m lookin’ for 12 Tommy guns and trench coats, wackin’ like Joe Pesci Actin’ like I owe you somethin’ you gon’ miss yo blessin’ CVS drugs, lean, pills, […]

Montana of 300 feat. Jalyn Sanders & No Fatigue – Stylin’ Lyrics

(Chorus – Jalyn Sanders) She ride it like a stallion When I hit it I be styling That money keep calling its piling Pop bands baby I don’t call it Killing the ref don’t get T’d up When we touch down better ease up No tricking just stacking that cheese up No falling, i’m balling […]

Wrekonize – Last Day Alive (The Storm Deluxe Edition Album)

[Verse 1] 5 o’clock moving like a rattlesnake in Venice Shedding off my monkey suit well that’ll take a minute Hold the door for me brothers and sisters it’s time to jettison The world’s passing by I think it’s bout time that they let us in My medicine is like better gin Ice cold juiced […]