AEROPLANE Lyrics and Video Song – Vibhor Parashar | Mr. Faisu, Jannat Zubair

Keha si tainu meri jaanNi jappdi phirengi mera naaKeha si tainu meri jaanNi jappdi phirengi mera naa Jithe na vajjan mere gaaneNi bacheya aisa koi thaa Hun sun zara khad keBillo dil phad keKarni si gall jehdi main… Je ajj tu gaddiyan ch phirdi aenHawa vich ud’da ae mera planeJe tu gaddiyan ch phirdi aenHawa […]

Radio Heart – All Across The Nation Lyrics (feat. Gary Numan)

Somewhere in the city There’s a struggle going on Someone’s making money Someone’s doing wrong Everybody searching for a little piece of gold (Power play?)(fix a face?) never grow old It’s a shame Who’s gonna take control? It’s a game they play Who’s gonna save your soul? And they’re never gonna stop Till they reach […]

Sheldon Harkick – The Merry Minuet lyrics

There are days in my life When everything is dreary I grow pessimistic Sad and world-weary But when I am fearful And tearfully upset I always sing This merry little minuet. They’re rioting in Africa, They’re starving in Spain. There’s hurricanes in Florida, And Texas needs rain The whole world is festering With unhappy souls. […]

J. R’Mani – Blvck lyrics

Niggas Blvck New York niggas Blvck Queens trill niggas Blvck Brooklyn niggas Blvck Harlem niggas Blvck Boogie Bronx, Staten isle Blvck Long isle niggas… Blvck Ja niggas Blvck Kingston niggas Blvck Portmore niggas Blvck Spain town niggas Blvck Mobay, Ochi town Blvck May pen niggas… Blvck… Real niggas go hard Harder than erections I pick […]

Mike WiLL Made It – Bars Of Soap (Ransom 2 Album)

[Intro] Aye, aye, aye Ransom Aye, aye Aye, aye, aye Ransom Aye, aye, aye I’mma running man Sandals slipping off my feet, on the sand Counting up the bills with my dominant hand Took twos on…. take this appreciate it This too? why take the rims off? Mike WiLL Made-It [Verse] I’m going postal – […]

Nasty C – Check (feat. Erick Rush) (Bad Hair Extensions Album)

[Hook: Nasty C] x2 Break your fuckin’ neck (gotta break) When you see the cheque (see cheque) Break your fuckin’ neck (gotta break) When you see the cheque (see the cheque) [Verse 1: Nasty C] Oh yeah I know I’m jiggy, I put it before Jigga I got the country asking if I’m working for […]