Three-quarters of English population being placed under Tier 4 restrictions as UK health secretary extends Covid-19 curbs

Follow RT on Britain’s health secretary has announced that an additional 20 million people in England will be subjected to Tier 4 restrictions as a new and highly contagious virus strain spreads throughout the UK. Speaking to Parliament on Wednesday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the rising Covid-19 cases numbers and hospitalisations “demonstrate the need […]

London the new ‘hotspot’ as ONS says 1 in 85 people had Covid-19 in England last week

Follow RT on The Office for National Statistics has announced that an estimated 645,000 people had Covid-19 between December 12 and 18, representing a sharp increase from previous weeks. One in 85 people in England had Covid-19 last week, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Thursday.  The figures represent a […]

UK government ‘won’t hesitate’ to change Christmas Covid rules if needed, says minister, as infections soar

Follow RT on The British housing minister has warned that the government may change the Covid-19 rules again for Christmas as the UK experiences a surge in infections amid the emergence of a new ‘high contagious’ strain. Speaking on Wednesday, Secretary of State for Housing Robert Jenrick told Sky News that the government is ready […]

UK insists Covid-19 vaccination programme won’t be impacted by French ban on hauliers

Follow RT on The British Transport Minister has said that the UK’s supply of Covid-19 vaccines will not be affected by the French decision to ban freight and travel between the two countries over fear a new virus strain will spread to France. Speaking on Monday, Grant Shapps said that the majority of the UK’s […]