YNW Melly – YNS Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh, I gotta keep fuckin’ goin’ Yeah Young Nigga World And that’s for life All my niggas dons, ya dig Goats, them some dons Know what I’m sayin’ Woo [Verse] Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, (Yeah) Young Nigga World, bitch (Yeah) Yeah, Young Nigga World, bitch Young Nigga World, G (Okay, bitch) Young Nigga World, jit […]

smokepurpp – Gucci Breakfast (feat. Lil Pump)

[Intro: SmokePurpp] Lil Purpp, Lil Purpp Bitch Four in the fuckin’ mornin’ Shout out these young hoes be hatin’ shit, ya dig? Yuh, bitch I’m fuckin’ tired! Want fuckin’ breakfast, ayy! [Chorus: SmokePurpp] I drink lean for breakfast (bitch!) Suck my dick for breakfast Smoke a blunt for breakfast (what?) Fuck your bitch then exit, […]