Blacc Zacc – Sassy Lyrics (feat. LightSkinKeisha)

[Intro: Blacc Zacc] Yeah Yeah IMixNation for real Yeah Oh Lord, Jetson made another one [Chorus: Blacc Zacc & LightSkinKeisha] I need a nasty lil’ bitch (Lil’ bitch) Poking when she walk past me lil’ bitch (Poking), yeah (Yeah) I need a nasty lil’ bitch (Lil’ bitch) Smart mouth, real sassy lil’ bitch (Real sassy), […]

Roc Marciano – Already (Rosebudd’s Revenge Album)

[Verse 1] Titanium timepiece, dimepiece between the sheets with body heat Maserati’s not leased Cock the pump shottie, it make your body leak Not your main hottie, she kinda knock-kneed Mahogany woodgrain all in the five speed Silk lay on me, pray for me 8 million stories in the naked city The humidity it made […]