In the United States, after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, the traffic of RT and Sputnik websites increased

Microsoft has conducted a study, according to which in the United States, after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, there is an increase in traffic to RT and Sputnik websites. The company has prepared a 40-page report on the alleged Russian disinformation, as well as cyber attacks, reports RT. The study indicates […]

Going green? RT visits British town opening NEW coal mine (VIDEO)

Follow RT on The English town of Whitehaven may soon have a brand-new coal mine for the first time in decades – and the locals told RT they’re looking forward to seeing the project reversing an economic decline. Whitehaven, located on the Cumbria coast, is not exactly a flourishing place. Once a booming port and […]

‘Kidnapping journalists’ on US behest: Assange’s father & supporters tell RT extradition ‘zombie case’ will have dire consequences

Follow RT on Extradition case against Julian Assange should have been killed ‘stone dead’ long ago, the imprisoned journalist’s father and prominent supporters told RT, adding that its political nature does not allow it to be laid to rest. Prosecution of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange has turned into a “zombie case” that continues to “raise […]

Afghans who worked with British govt will get PERMANENT residence in UK, but hundreds still left behind

Follow RT on Afghans who worked for British troops will be entitled to “indefinite” leave to stay and a right to apply for UK citizenship in the future, London has said, as hundreds of those eligible for evacuation remain in Afghanistan. Dubbed ‘Operation Warm Welcome,’ the British government unveiled on Wednesday what it called a […]

‘I lost hope, I lost everything’: Former Afghan interpreter left behind by UK speaks to RT

Follow RT on The UK government has abandoned people who worked for the Brits in Afghanistan, a former embassy translator has told RT. The Afghan man is now on the run, fearing that the Taliban would ultimately find and kill him and his family. The former interpreter, using the alias ‘Said,’ spoke to RT as […]

UK government owes British people an explanation after Afghanistan disaster, Jeremy Corbyn tells RT

Follow RT on During an anti-war protest in London, Corbyn, now an independent MP, said he wants the government to show “they can learn foreign policy lessons.” The protesters who joined a rally organized by ‘Stop The War’ coalition demanded the government recognize the war in Afghanistan as a catastrophe that should not be repeated. […]

Family of UK teen Harry Dunn killed by suspected US spy fears coverup. ‘It’s about truth and closure’, spokesman tells RT

Follow RT on The family of Harry Dunn, a British motorcyclist killed by an American woman with diplomatic immunity, says she may have been using her phone while driving. They are determined to unravel the case, their spokesman told RT. “When you kill somebody abroad, you face the consequences of your actions and you do […]

UK govt promise of ‘no going back’ after lifting lockdown is reckless, leaves Britain ‘hostage to fortune’ – WHO Covid envoy to RT

Follow RT on Top UK officials are doing a disservice to the public when they claim the planned lifting of coronavirus-related restrictions will be final and “irreversible,” a World Health Organization Covid-19 envoy told RT. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this week that the government would stick to its “cautious but irreversible” strategy to […]

Julian Assange is a ‘journalist of distinction’ & has to be set free, Jeremy Corbyn tells RT outside UK’s Belmarsh Prison

Follow RT on Julian Assange’s case should’ve ended as soon as a UK judge denied his extradition to the US, Jeremy Corbyn, former Labour leader, told RT as he joined other MPs to demand a meeting with the WikiLeaks founder in a London prison. A group of British members of parliament have come to the […]

Supply, not ‘science’, is biggest problem facing Covid vaccines, Oxford professor who worked on AstraZeneca jab tells RT

Follow RT on Logistical problems, not the science or patents behind the drugs, are the biggest hurdle for Covid-19 vaccines, an Oxford scientist who headed the team that created the AstraZeneca jab told RT in an interview.  During an appearance on Going Underground, Dr. Adrian Hill said that the most urgent issue facing worldwide inoculation […]

Former Scottish ambassador Craig Murray facing prison over reporting of defence case in Alex Salmond trial

Follow RT on Former Scottish diplomat Craig Murray faces possible imprisonment after he lost a contempt of court case over his coverage of the Alex Salmond trial in 2020. His legal team is preparing an appeal to the Supreme Court. Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan and RT contributor Murray faces a maximum sentence of two […]

Collaboration on Sputnik V components can make ‘doctors’ lives simpler’ & vaccination easier – AstraZeneca CEO to RT

Follow RT on The cooperation deal with Russia’s Sputnik V can make vaccination easier for everybody, AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot told RT. He argued the world needs many vaccine options because no company can tackle Covid-19 alone. Soriot said studies on the effects of the combination of AstraZeneca/Oxford and Sputnik V vaccine components could help […]