Human civilization could ‘collapse’ like Roman Empire if climate change not addressed, UK PM Boris Johnson warns

Follow RT on Modern countries risk repeating the fate of the Roman Empire unless they urgently curb climate change, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned ahead of a major UN summit. “This is our memento mori,” Johnson told Italian paper la Repubblica during a flight to a G20 meeting in Rome, Italy, using a […]

Rauw Alejandro – Fantasias Lyrics

[Letra de “Fantasías”] [Intro: Rauw Alejandro & Farruko] (Yeah) ¡Gangalee! (Uh-uh-uh) Ra’-Rauw [Pre-Coro: Rauw Alejandro & Farruko, Ambos] ¿Cómo le puedo hacer pa’ convencerte? A solas quiero tenerte (Pri-baba-babay) [Coro: Rauw Alejandro & Farruko, Ambos] ¿Qué tú harás si te digo mis fantasía’ contigo? Susurrando al oído te comienzas a calentar (Pri-baba-babay) Tú me dice’ […]

Alltta – Touch Down, Pt. II Lyrics (feat. 20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros)

[Intro] Touch down Touch down Touch down, down Touch down Alright, alright Alright, alright Touch down, down, down [Verse] (I’m feeling, I’m feeling, I’m feeling) (I’m feeling, I’m feeling, I’m feeling) And I’m feeling the ultimate rush now The land of the Vatican, mad that I’m atoms and Trapped and held captive by matter, it’s […]

Marcel Et Son Orchestre – Le Pornographe Lyrics

Autrefois quand j’étais marmot J’avais la phobie des gros mots Et si j’pensais merde tout bas Je ne le disais pas, (Mais !) Aujourd’hui que mon gagne-pain C’est d’parler comme un turlupin Je n’pense plus merde pardi Mais je le dis Afin d’amuser la galerie Je crache des gauloiseries Des pleines bouches de mots crus […]

David Keenan – Tin Pan Alley Lyrics

Just across from my old street There’s a place called Tin Pan Alley Where I’ve wandered many nights First went many moons ago As I walk among its ruins Among its broken, battered brickwork Standing proud in pouring rain Against any punch-drunk sky I do roam, I do roam Welcoming the wee small hours My reflection in the windows, […]