‘Treacherous bastard’ Rishi Sunak has a chance to replace Boris Johnson

The strengths and weaknesses of the British millionaire politician named British conservatives choose a new party leader who is to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. After two rounds of voting among Tory MPs, Rishi Sunak remains the favorite of the race, whose recent high-profile resignation provoked a government crisis and […]

Rishi Sunak claims workers will quit if they aren’t allowed back to office – Brits conclude chancellor’s out of touch with reality

Follow RT on UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak confused Brits after claiming that many employees would quit their jobs if their employers kept them working from home. “You can’t beat the spontaneity, the team-building, the culture that you create in a firm or an organisation from people actually spending physical time together,” Sunak […]

‘Disconnect from reality’: Brits seethe as ‘one of richest UK men’ Chancellor Sunak claims people ‘BUILT UP SAVINGS’ under Covid

Follow RT on Rishi Sunak, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, was called out by Brits on Sunday after he claimed people had been “building up savings” during the coronavirus and were ready to go on a spending spree when the lockdown ends. Sunak reportedly told Conservative Party members last week that he thinks “people […]

UK coronavirus lead Chris Whitty has become a popular Christmas-gift icon, outselling Britney Spears

Follow RT on Novelty items featuring one of the most prominent faces of the UK’s Covid response, Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Whitty, are reportedly more popular than those depicting some of the world’s biggest celebrities. According to a report by the BBC, Whitty and his deputy, Jonathan Van-Tam, have become “two unlikely cult […]