EarthGang – Nowhere Fast (feat. Childish Major) (Rags EP)

[Hook: Childish Major] Going nowhere fast Going nowhere fast Going nowhere fast Going nowhere fast [Verse 1: Johnny Venus] Hey, ain’t this a damn shame? I look down and see my phone ring, it’s my pops and I ain’t even tryna answer "What’s up my, son? I ain’t even wanted that much But how you […]

Freddie Gibbs – Alexys (You Only Live 2Wice Album)

[Intro] Kane, Nigga On the blade I think, I think niggas forgot who you know who gave who gave these niggas this flow you know what I’m saying? Baby Scarface [Verse 1] I first taste cocaine in 10th grade Homie at the table chopping Rick James Sent the package off from Texas it’s been six […]

Freddie Gibbs – Dear Maria (You Only Live 2Wice Album)

[Intro] Yeah….. Yeah Tryna get my cash up (yeah) Tryna get my cash up (ugh) [Chorus 1] Livin’ in the city, when your winnin’ In the city nigga wanna get your glass up Coca got my cash up (yeah) Heroine got my cash up (yeah) Shittin’ on the city, when your winnin’ in the city […]

Chief Keef – Trying Not To Swear (Two Zero One Seven Deluxe Album)

[Hook] Man I miss standin’ on the block Totin’ on the Glocks Slidin’ on the opps Screamin’ free the guys In general pop Bitch, I move fast She gave me good top Told that bitch stop You want smoke, what’s up? Get your ass scuffed I’m countin’ green bucks Boy, you smokin’ huff Where is […]