Mr. Shadow – Serious Lyrics

[Mr. Shadow] Watch out What [E-Dubb] “Sha…” “Dow…” “Lo…” “Co…” –] Mr. Shadow [Mr. Shadow] Shadow up in this bitch (Hell yeah, this is serious) Got my boy Ant Dog in the back (Homeboy, this is serious) Smokin’ caps and mold Gettin’ weeded Please believe it E-Dubb, Javie Lopez (Hell yeah, this is serious) We […]

Mr. Shadow – Krazy Ass Mexikans Lyrics

[Mr. Shadow] What’s crackin’ Shadow in San with my dog, Bad Boy Javie Lopez track, you know how we do this shit West coast, motherf**ker [Verse 1: Mr. Shadow] Heads turn with concern when I bend the block You motherf**kers don’t learn that I’m burnin’ hot Only G’s on my team always ready to bust […]

Sam Cooke – Jesus, I’ll Never Forget Lyrics (feat. The Soul Stirrers)

Chorus 1: Oh, Jesus (Jesus I’ll never forget) What you’ve done for me (what you’ve done for me) Jesus I’ll never forget (Jesus I’ll never forget) You set my soul so free (set my soul so free) Jesus I’ll never forget (Jesus I’ll never forget) How you brought me out (how you brought me out) […]

Migos Feat. 21 Savage – “BBO (Bad B*tches Only)” Lyrics

(Chorus: 21 Savage) AP on me, iced out Tennis chains iced out Whole pointers ’round my neck Looking like a lighthouse (shine) Yeah ni**a piped down, choppa make it pipe down Running man running man catch me if you can Bad b**ches only, bad b**ches on me (bad) Bad b**ches only, bad b**ches on me […]

Karen West – The Things We Do For Love (With Extra Scenes From “The Woman Hunter” – Spanish Subtitles)

Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea You lay your bets And then you pay the price; the things we do for love Communication is the problem to the answer You’ve got her number and your hand is on the phone The weather’s turned […]

Omar Cruz – Gangsta Music Lyrics

OMAR CRUZGangsta Music Lyrics Welcome to the west coast, motherf**ker Bomb trees and bomb bitches, ha ha You have no f**king idea, man (Verse 1) Come f**k with a rider The west coast messiah named O. Cruz Ridin’ with them chrome tools, bald-headed all fools A Latin kid bringin’ L.A. back Bringin’ gully back Homie, […]