Montana of 300 – Black Mamba Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Hit me up, Fuego) [Chorus] Put me in my zone, Black Mamba Can’t believe you gone, Black Mamba Made it rain fourth quarter, Black Mamba Givin’ game to my daughter, Black Mamba, ayy I’ma ball out, Black Mamba Play my heart out, Black Mamba Niggas can’t help me, Black Mamba, ayy Ballin’ like I’m Kobe, […]

Montana of 300 – Envy Me (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse] Rap God, bitch they envy me (Woo, woo) I’m way up out these rappers league (Woo, woo) They say I’m just what Hip-Hop need (True, true) Punchlines hittin’ harder than Creed Who fuckin’ with me nigga, no one ask Alicia Keys Play games, pull up like Need for Speed (Skrrt) You’ll see this center […]

Tyler The Creator Disses Eminem Says “Walk On Water” Is Trash

Tweet Share Tyler The Creator thinks that Eminem new song with Beyonce, “Walk On Water,” is trash. Eminem’s new song with Beyonce is certainly not the classic Slim Shady we’ve grown use to over the years, but it’s still a song that’s packing a lot of punches lyrically. Most hip hop fans seems to like […]