Drakeo The Ruler – Stinc Team Lyrics (feat. Ketchy The Great & Ralfy The Plug)

[Verse 1: Drakeo the Ruler] Bitch I run the town like Machine Gun Johnny Hope niggas ain’t forgot about me, shit I’ll have to slide down Olympic just so I can get some closure If they could, if they would, I’d be up on a poster These niggas know me, I’m fresh up out of […]

OBLADAET – FASHION TV (feat. ATL) lyrics

[Припев: OBLADAET] Давно не виделись, но ты нашёл повод Спросил, что нового, да я во всем новом Я во всем новом, во всем новом Я во всем новом, слышишь, во всем новом [Куплет 1: OBLADAET] У тебя свой взгляд? Тебя не спросили Мы живём красиво: мы в России Молюсь за культуру, Господь, спаси нас Всем […]

RAF – Asap Mob feat. Playboi Carti lyrics

Lyrics Asap Mob – RAF I done came up (yuh) Bustin’ down a whole bag (bag) Broke nigga, step back (for what?) Why don’t you peep a nigga’s swag (yuh) You don’t even gotta ask (for what?) What are those? What is that? (for y’all) Please don’t touch my Raf. Please don’t touch my Raf. […]

Future – Lookin Exotic (Hndrxx Album)

Extravagant Hendrix Switch hands like lil’ pitcher Super astronomical Peel you off a couple bands, girl like "Here you go" Then lookin’ like the baddest bitch in my videos I wanna take you out to Paris and buy you better clothes White Phantom, white Phantom or the white rose Speekin’ of modellin’, you look marvelous […]

21 Savage – Fresh (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Gucci Mane) (21 Uzi Album)

[Intro] Ha, its wizop 6ers 1600, 1600 1600 Stand up Huh [Verse 1: Gucci Mane] It’s so hard to take the trap out a trap nigga I’m a coke dealer dressed like a rap figure A Guy Fisher type of nigga, I’mma die richer Posing for pictures with the strippers and the pot flippers I’d […]