Pitbull – Por Favor (feat. Fifth Harmony) (Lyric Video)

[Pitbull:] Mr. Worldwide With the beautiful, sexy, sophisticated Fifth Harmony Sí, and I ain’t too proud to beg just like TLC I got a good head on my shoulders if you know what I mean That’s when I called her over and told her "Mami ven aqui" ¿De dónde eres, cuál es tu nombre? ¿Tienes […]

Macklemore – Willy Wonka (feat. Offset) (On Jimmy Kimmel) (Live)

RIP Willy Wonka, watch the roof come off I pull up in that candy paint, call it Veruca Salt You cheated and you lied, you broke the rules, my dog Now you wanna come around when there’s food involved Hell no Let the truth be told, I’m in the Coogi rope With the dookie roll, […]