Mista Sinista – September Lyrics (feat. Jean Grae)

Mista Sinista ft. Jean Grae – “September” [Emcee(s): Jean Grae] [Producer(s): Mista Sinista] [Scratches: Mista Sinista] [Sample (Melody): Barry White – “September When I First Met You”] [Verse 1: Jean Grae] The jewel of life, we reminisce about the days of our past I feel like it was simple then. We used to have a […]

Canibus – Artifacts Freestyle Lyrics

CANIBUSArtifacts Freestyle Lyrics If im hawking you it ain’t because I respect you god, Its because im trying to find a perfect place for me to sh*t on, N*ggas hear about me and discreetly set up a date to me, to see if they can defeat me, So I ain’t ready to let no motherf*cker […]