Yelawolf – Bloody Sunday Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro] Yelawolf Catfish Billy M.W.A. Ghetto Cowboy, motherfucker Brian Jones [Verse] Yeah, never had to walk away from anybody Always been a body from the jump Yeah, never been a hater, never gave a fuck about a hater Never been a punk Yeah, been an innovator, fuck an imitator Drop another hot potato son Take […]

Post Malone “Don’t Call Me A Rapper But Still Listen To My Raps”

Post Malone don’t want to be called a rapper anymore but he still wants you to listen to his raps. The “Rockstar” rapper got some heat on Twitter this week after making the statement during an interview with GQ. Post Malone spoke about his struggles being a white rapper in the music industry, which might […]

Listen Migos and Post Malone New Song “Notice Me”

Migos link up with Post Malone on their new Culture II single “Notice Me.” The album comes with 24 tracks so last week when Migos said Culture II would be the biggest album of the year they weren’t joking. “Notice Me” is one of the standout tracks with Post Malone taking care of the chorus […]

Migos Released “Culture II” Album : Listen

Migos new album Culture II is finally here and you can listen now on Apple Music and Spotify below. The Atlanta rap trio has been working on the project for the past several months and now it’s finally here. The 24 track album comes with a plethora of potential hits with a star-studded guest and […]

Demarco Attempted To Crowd Surf and Failed Miserably [Watch]

Artists sometimes get so pump by the crowd that they can’t help themselves from crowd surfing. Dancehall deejay Demarco was performing on tour in Europe recently when he attempted to crowd surf and… Well, it didn’t go down so well for him. Perhaps he should have taken heed from Post Malone who recently stage dived […]

Post Malone Celebrates Billboard No. 1 By Smashing Guitar

Tweet Share Post Malone and 21 Savage new single “Rockstar” is now No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song is so big that it’s expected to return to the top of the chart next week and possibly the week after next. “Rockstar” ended Cardi B‘s reign on top of the Billboard Hot […]

‘Rockstar’ Post Malone Stage Dive And No One Caught Him

Fans didn’t treat Post Malone like the rockstar that he is when he stage dived at his concert over the weekend because no one caught him. Fortunately for the “Rockstar” rapper he didn’t break any bones and continued rapping while on the floor. In the video clip below, you can see Post Malone on stage […]

Post Malone, Quavo & Metro Boomin – Congratulations (On Late Night With Seth Meyers) (Live)

[Intro] Mm-mmm Yeah, yeah Mm-mmm Yeah [Hook: Post Malone] My momma called, seen you on TV, son Said shit done changed ever since we was on I dreamed it all ever since I was young They said I wouldn’t be nothing Now they always say congratulations Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation They ain’t […]

Post Malone – White Iverson (Remix) (feat. French Montana & Rae Sremmurd)

[Intro: French Montana + Post Malone] You know what it is when you hear that, haaaaan? Double OT Post Malone I’m a new breed Montana! Montana, haaan [Verse 1: French Montana] I’m surfin’, surfin’, I’m surfin’ on you Wavy, I’m wavy, I’m wavy on you Started from the block, yeah I was broke, I Didn’t […]