Prominent anti-vax activist Piers Corbyn takes MONOPOLY MONEY from fake vaccine investors in YouTube prank

Follow RT on Anti-vaccine campaigner Piers Corbyn has been caught on camera by a pair of pranksters, accepting what he apparently understood was a bribe from AstraZeneca to shift his criticism from their vaccine to Pfizer and Moderna’s shots. Piers Corbyn has become a regular fixture at anti-lockdown rallies in London over the last year, […]

WATCH Piers Corbyn FIRE-BREATHING as he stages anti-lockdown ‘party’ in London

Follow RT on Piers Corbyn, a prominent anti-lockdown activist and brother of Labour’s ex-leader, has violated anti-coronavirus measures again and taken part in a restriction-defying party in London, announcing his bid for the city’s mayor. Multiple gatherings in violation of the UK’s strict anti-coronavirus rules took place across the English capital overnight. While some were […]