Illmaculate & Onlyone – Grow Ops Lyrics (feat. Yukmouth)

[Verse 1: Only One] I sold grams, I sold weight I sold Pakistan, I sold Grapes I was smoking OG Kush in ’08 When y’all didn’t even know the names of your own strain I showed ’em the ins and outs Before motherf**kers knew the difference between ins & outs Never even been in a […]

Future – Low Life (feat. The Weeknd) lyrics

[Refrain] Everybody getting high Getting high, getting high, getting high [Intro: Future] I just took some molly, what else? (Hey) Got some bitch from Follies with us (‘scuse me, ‘scuse me) She gonna fuck the squad, what else? I’mma fuck her broads, what else? Bitch from Pakistan, what up? Ferraris and them Lambs, what else? […]

Gucci Mane & Ralo – Chiraqistan (feat. Lil Durk) (Outro) (Ralo Laflare Album)

[Intro: Lil Durk & Ralo] Let’s get it pussy Yeah Dope OTF You know how we rockin’ nigga, only the Famgoon shit Only the Famgoon nigga Haha Hey Durk Turn up [Verse 1: Ralo] OG, I’m with OTF and you know we verse anybody Durk told me that they forgot, he think they forgot about […]

Ralo – The Dopeman (feat. YFN Lucci)

[Intro: Ralo & Future] My hood they treat me like I’m El Chapo I keep that dog food like I’m Ralo Famgoon They know I ain’t no motherfuckin’ rapper nigga Famerican Gangster [Hook: YFN Lucci] Ah nigga I’m the dopeman, dopeman I’m the dopeman A dopeman, dopeman I’m the dopeman, dopeman I’m the dopeman, yeah […]