Thundamentals – Tardis Take Off Lyrics

[Intro] “Over one-hundred foreign governments, emperors, presidents, and prime ministers, and kings have sent the most warm messages that we’ve ever received.” [Scratches: DJ Morgs] “Ye—yeah, ye—yeah Ye—yeah Ye—ye—ye—yeah Ye—ye—yeah” “[?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— [?]— [?]—” “Ye—yeah, ye—yeah Ye—yeah Ye—ye—ye—yeah” “[?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— […]

Peso Peso – I Was Trappin Lyrics (feat. Maxo Kream)

[Chorus: Peso Peso] I was trapping at the Harbour Glen I be drippin’, I be splashin’ when I start the Benz If you don’t die when we slide, you get shot again And I been trappin’ all night, I’m finna call it in In the hood sellin’ P’s, trappin’ with a TEC Pacific Ocean, I got water splashin’ on […]

Wheeler Brothers – Sleep When I’m Dead Lyrics

Street cars and Podunk bars Said I hope I get there by sunrise Sleep until noon in….. Hotel rooms can Lead to barefoot girls dancing on tables Fix your hair and….. call your friends Cuz tonight there’s gonna be a party Campfire storytime, I told a joke and made you smile Listening to the Rolling […]

Manman Savage – She A Freak Lyrics (feat. Ohgeesy & 03 Greedo)

[Intro: ManMan Savage] WebbMadeThis Beat Boy taught me Ayy, said she freakin’ on the low Bitch a freak on the low RonRonDoThatShit [Chorus: ManMan Savage] The girl found me creepin’ on the low (she be creepin’, like) Yeah, she a freak on the low (freak on the low, yeah) Tell me how he ain’t know […]