Marlo – Soakin Wet Lyrics (feat. City Girls & Offset)

[Intro] Hitmaka OG Parker [Chorus: Marlo & Offset] What your niggas in here for and you ain’t tippin’? (Huh?) You ask me, “What you payin’ for?” That pussy different (Cash) Throw them wedding bands on ’em, no commitment (Hey) Ask me, “What you payin’ for?” That pussy different (Cash) Soakin’ wet, yeah Do it with […]

French Montana – No Stylist lyrics

[Intro: French Montana, Mountain & Kodak Black] Ooh Yeah, louder Hey, hey I’m in London, got my beat from London [Chorus: French Montana] Iced out (stylist), no stylist (stylist) New Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci bag (huh, haan) Lifestyle (stylist), no stylist (stylist) Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choos, that’s on you (haan) Diamonds on my neck, frozen […]

Lil Xan – Betrayed (Remix) (feat. Yo Gotti & Rich The Kid)

[Intro] You are now listening to a Bobby Johnson beat [Verse 1: Rich The Kid] Ooh, I pop a Perc’ when I’m upset (what?) She sucked my dick right on Sunset (Sunset) I made a few millis, ain’t done yet (milli’) Addicted to the money, spent a hundred in the club I told them Xans […]