Travis Scott – MIA (Demo) Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, ill America baby Scott, La Flame Ill America baby [Verse 1] Lifted, I’m feelin’ so gifted, trippin’, I’m constantly fallin’ Channel view of the whole villa, plottin’ while burnin’ a Marley Damn these rare thoughts is so endless, bougie bitch whippin’ the ‘Rari Out in the jungles, make it rumble, she get wet […]

Joey Bada$$ – Ring The Alarm (feat. Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution & Meechy Darko) (All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ Album)

[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$] I was born runnin’ with the baton Now I’m known as the young intellectual don Until I’m gone, where I’m from, the real don’t get along With the fake, look me in the face, eyes of the storm You don’t want none No beef could never hurt me I be on […]