MP links rise in crime to women taking men’s TV roles

Follow RT on Conservative MP Nick Fletcher has identified a novel reason why so many young British men are supposedly turning to crime: Women are now filling positive TV and movie roles once occupied by men. Speaking at an International Men’s Day debate in Parliament on Thursday, Fletcher lamented the traditionally masculine movie and TV […]

Brits concerned murder of MP will lead to internet crackdown, after officials call for end to online anonymity

Follow RT on Many in the UK are expressing their worries about the future of internet freedom, after a group of MPs lobbied Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ban anonymous social media accounts in the wake of Sir David Amess’ death. After the Tory MP was stabbed to death in a church on Friday by […]

Online hate UK MPs face is ‘out of control’, Raab warns in wake of David Amess’ fatal stabbing

Follow RT on The level of online hate members of the UK Parliament face is “out of control”, Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has warned, in the wake of the murder of conservative lawmaker Sir David Amess. Speaking on Monday to Sky News, Raab called for a clampdown on the abuse thrown […]

MP warns Brits ‘have to learn to live with Covid’ for ‘rest of time’ in statement opposing reopening delays

Follow RT on Covid Recovery Group chairman and MP Mark Harper opposes delays in the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, arguing Brits will “have to learn to live with” the virus now that the vulnerable are jabbed, or suffer constant lockdown. Harper took to Twitter after an article on Sunday in the Telegraph citing an unnamed […]

Scottish MP Margaret Ferrier arrested and charged for making 400-mile train journey AFTER testing positive for Covid-19

Follow RT on Scottish police have arrested former Scottish National Party MP Margaret Ferrier and charged her with reckless conduct, after the politician took a train 400 miles home from London despite testing positive for Covid-19. Ferrier admitted in October that she’d journeyed from Scotland to Westminster, London in September while feeling ill. After arriving […]

‘Disconnect from reality’: Brits seethe as ‘one of richest UK men’ Chancellor Sunak claims people ‘BUILT UP SAVINGS’ under Covid

Follow RT on Rishi Sunak, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, was called out by Brits on Sunday after he claimed people had been “building up savings” during the coronavirus and were ready to go on a spending spree when the lockdown ends. Sunak reportedly told Conservative Party members last week that he thinks “people […]

Chuck Strangers – Style Wars (feat. Joey Bada$$)

[Verse 1: Chuck Strangers] I wanna thank god for this vibe I’m just layed up high Thinking fuck a job I’ll rather boss up on somethin’ I believe in Sonic aesthetically pleasing Niggas claiming they the best while Rakim still breathin’ Do your Googles nigga I’m in control of things God and I move together […]