Fashawn – Proud

[Intro] Let’s do some history, who is Malcolm X? A fighter for freedom George Washington Carver? A scientist Shirley Chisholm? First black congress woman Mary McLeod Bethune? An educator Marian Anderson? An opera singer Duke Ellington? A jazz composer [Verse 1] What about the life of Marcus Garvey, we all know Martin Wouldn’t have your […]

Mobb Deep – Greatness

[Intro] [Verse 1] Ain’t no mistaken on the position we placin’ We placed with a certain ambition that got’em amped and they wishin’ That these opportunities maybe served like dishes with some persistence We made these misses into missions with no inter-missions The vision is met precision precisely u cannot stop that collision I’ll say […]

Ab-Soul – Beat the Case /// Straight Crooked Lyrics

[Part 1: Beat the Case] [Verse 1: Ab-Soul] Doeburger! Head swingin’ like Rambo, he be spittin’ like he pullin’ triggers Make a enemigo an example (And I bet I beat the case) Lot of guys with the gavels, look em’ right up in they face While a nigga under oath, plead the fifth, then ask […]

Kid Ink – Die In It letras

[Verse 1] I came in with my level up Watch them bitches kept that 4 page level up Feeling like MJ with the glitter glove Pimp slap a nigga wit a misses in the buff Same city, I’m an LA citizen With the bad bitches and that sticky-icky cinnabon All I’m rollin’, they follow Mozes […]