Yfn Lucci – True Story Lyrics (feat. Kevin Gates)

[Intro: YFN Lucci] Yeah, look [Chorus: YFN Lucci & Kevin Gates] Always wanted me a Cutlass, huh, with the bucket seat Always grew up hustling, gettin’ money, the hood showed love to me All my young niggas sprayin’, so on my side, this shit get ugly You ain’t stand up for your mans, so don’t be lyin’, talkin’ ’bout […]

Drake – When To Say When Lyrics

[Intro: Drake] Yeah, somebody on Somebody hit me today and they were like: “Nah, just make sure, you know You tell me what to do when I get there, you know?” (June, you’re a genius) I said, I respect you, no problem We got all these blessings, just to give it to others anyway You know what I’m sayin’? […]

Dj Durel – Bad Moves Lyrics (feat. Quavo & Rich The Kid)

[Intro: Rich the Kid & Quavo] Bad moves Trap, I might shoot In Miami DJ Durel! [Chorus: Rich the Kid] She don’t even love me, she just like me ’cause I’m bad I was in the ‘Rari pullin’ off, I made ’em mad (Skrrt) If they try to pull me over, I’ma do the dash (Woo, woo) If she […]

Kevin Gates – RBS Intro Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] All my life, it been like this CashMoneyAP Always My daddy did this shit I can’t see no other way His daddy did this shit One way Dumb way Go Grizz (I’m a real big speaker) [Verse 1] Controllin’ shit, I’m scorin’ flippers, ain’t nobody want look Losin’ focus, burnin’ soda, tryna win off a […]

Andy Mineo – Coquito Lyrics

[Verse 1: Foggieraw & Andy Mineo] Light-skinned friend she look like Michael Jackson Got a dark-skinned friend she lo-look like Tito (Tito) Pull up to that rim, I can’t miss like D-Rose (D-Rose) Baby my coquito, you know she from Puerto Rico (aye, yah) Lie like James Bond in my black tuxedo (hmm) Southside coolant, […]

Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Faygo Cream (feat. Duke)

[Chorus: HoodRich Pablo Juan] Fill my soda up with lean, I like Faygo Creme Buy gelato, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no ice cream I be dressin’ how you dream, why that boy so clean My bitches mad my engine foreign, you know they mean Fill my soda up with lean, I like Faygo Creme ‘Bout […]

Chance The Rapper Says Lil Wayne Is The Michael Jackson Of Rap Music

Chance The Rapper thinks that Lil Wayne is the Michael Jackson of rap music. The Chicago emcee recently got into a Twitter row with some fans who claimed that he is the only independent artist to make it big and no other indie artists will ever get as big as he is. That assessment didn’t […]

Ishawna Channels Michael Jackson For Raunchy New Single “Eat It”

Tweet Share Ishawna is cuing up “Equal Rights” part two, a song tentatively titled “Eat It.” The female dancehall star ignited a heated debate in dancehall earlier this year with “Equal Rights” not just for its sexually explicit lyrics, but more for the message she is sending to the male fans in dancehall. Last weekend […]