Forever Came Calling – If Bukowski Could See Me Now Lyrics

Let’s get reckless like the ocean ‘cause I’m careless like the sea I watched you walk inside this crowded room, trying to drink the void in you We’re all searching for something intangible, breaking moons apart to let the ocean know You taught me a lot about confidence, a common place, and settling I taught […]

GLOCK Lyrics and Video Song – Dilpreet Dhillon | Parmish Verma | Jinde Meriye

Ho laga dabb’ch Glock jaave jatt tureyaJatt tureya.. jatt tureya..Laga dabb’ch Glock jaave jatt tureyaJatt tureya.. jatt tureya.. Ho kole asla bilayti jeda chak tureyaChak tureya paun dhakk tureyaPainda dabb’ch Glock jaave jatt tureyaJatt tureya.. jatt tureya.. Hoo… Ho kaaleya raahan da kayi raahi aakh deMaut chandri da kayi maahi aakh deHo kayi aakhi jaande […]

Young Thug – Mannequin Challenge Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Young Thug] (You good, T-Minus?) Uh [Chorus: Young Thug] The Rolls Royce is grey, I’ve been callin’ it granny I copped that Lamb’ truck and that bitch panoramic (Skrt) I’m fuckin’ on lil’ shawty, mama, and granny I’m takin’ up space and they squish me like sandwiches Fuck what I did, […]

Chamillionaire Responds To Critics For Helping Deported Man’s Family

Chamillionaire has responded to critics who came at him for helping a deported man’s family. The Texas rapper offered some finacial assistant to the family of Jorge Garcia. Garcia was recently deported to Mexico after living in the United States for most of his life. He has a wife and kids who he left behind […]