Don Q – #Freeda9 (feat. Rowdy Rebel) (Corner Stories Reloaded Album)

[Verse 1: Rowdy Rebel] 2014 Nigga my life done changed Look at my city nigga, that shit on flames Big up to Brooklyn nigga like shotta days But everyday I’m with my ICM, sapase Used to ride on them niggas block everyday Tryna go rock, niggas tryna rock me But how you gon’ stop a […]

Meek Mill – Offended

[Intro] M-m-m-murda Meek Milly, Jeffery, woah [Hook: Young Thug] Yeah, yeah Fuck is you talking bout? Bitch you offended me I just might go head and let this lil bitch suck my dick till it tickle me I just might go head and mix me a Sprite with some lean like it’s chemistry God damn, […]