‘Virus out of control’: London mayor declares ‘major incident’ over rapid Covid-19 spread

Follow RT on A “major incident” has been declared in the UK capital over a surge in coronavirus numbers. Announcing the move, Mayor Sadiq Khan described the situation as “critical,” admitting the viral spread “was out of control”. London is at serious risk of seeing its healthcare system completely overwhelmed by the flow of coronavirus […]

London to run out of hospital beds in TWO WEEKS, health chief warns as Covid-19 overwhelms capital – reports

Follow RT on NHS England’s London Medical Director Dr. Vin Diwakar has warned senior doctors that the UK capital could run out of hospital beds within two weeks under even the best case Covid-19 scenario, according to media reports. In an official briefing delivered via Zoom to medical directors of London’s NHS trusts, Diwakar reportedly […]

Labour leader Starmer calls for legislation to outlaw anti-vax campaigners, warns misinformation will ‘cost lives’

Follow RT on UK opposition leader Keir Starmer has said he is willing to work with the government to bring in new legislation that would ban anti-vax campaigns as the country ramps up inoculations to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. “We have to deal with the anti-vax campaigns because they will cost lives,” Starmer said on […]

Scottish MP Margaret Ferrier arrested and charged for making 400-mile train journey AFTER testing positive for Covid-19

Follow RT on Scottish police have arrested former Scottish National Party MP Margaret Ferrier and charged her with reckless conduct, after the politician took a train 400 miles home from London despite testing positive for Covid-19. Ferrier admitted in October that she’d journeyed from Scotland to Westminster, London in September while feeling ill. After arriving […]

London police hassle old woman for feeding birds, tell her to ‘DISPERSE’ because of Covid-19 restrictions

Follow RT on Feed the birds, tuppence a bag? Not in the new UK coronavirus lockdown. A video circulating on social media shows an elderly woman, who was feeding bread to pigeons, being told by London police to ‘disperse.’ The video, which was posted on YouTube late Sunday, shows an old woman with a pushcart […]

WATCH Piers Corbyn FIRE-BREATHING as he stages anti-lockdown ‘party’ in London

Follow RT on Piers Corbyn, a prominent anti-lockdown activist and brother of Labour’s ex-leader, has violated anti-coronavirus measures again and taken part in a restriction-defying party in London, announcing his bid for the city’s mayor. Multiple gatherings in violation of the UK’s strict anti-coronavirus rules took place across the English capital overnight. While some were […]

3 people injured in stabbing incident in central London, police & ambulances on scene (VIDEO)

Follow RT on Three people have been injured in a reported knife attack in downtown London that sparked a massive police response. Footage from the scene shows ambulance crews and police cars at the site of the incident. The incident took place on Edgware Road, just a half-hour after the city, which is under a […]

WATCH: Penny farthing slams into DPD delivery van in bizarre clash of cultures

Follow RT on Footage showing a penny farthing bicycle rider slamming into the side of a DPD delivery van has sparked fierce debate online about whether Victorian-era modes of transport are road safe in the 21st century. The viral video was reportedly shot in Stoke Newington, north London and shows the cyclist ploughing into the […]

British MPs approve Brexit trade deal with EU in landslide Commons vote

Follow RT on The UK parliament approved the trade deal with the European Union on Wednesday, with PM Boris Johnson describing Brexit as the beginning rather than an end of the country’s relationship with Brussels. British lawmakers approved the legislation to enact the post-Brexit trade deal agreed with the EU last week. The vote was […]

VIDEO with Jeremy Corbyn recorded by brother Piers prompts discussions on whether ex-Labour leader broke Covid-19 restrictions

Follow RT on Piers Corbyn and a friend dressed as Santa Claus turned up at the former Labour Party leader’s door with little social distancing. In a Christmas video published on Saturday, which was flagged by British newspapers, Piers Corbyn and a friend dressed as Santa Claus turned up at the former Labour Party leader’s […]

Emergency Nightingale hospitals remain ‘ready’, UK govt insists, as Covid-19 surge puts NHS under heavy strain

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman has said the emergency hospitals set up to treat Covid-19 patients remain empty but “ready,” as hospitalisation levels reach new highs. Speaking on Tuesday, the PM’s spokesman reiterated that the UK’s expensive temporary hospitals – built at a cost of £220 million – were still largely […]

Britain must ramp up vaccine distribution by TEN TIMES & retain national lockdown to avoid major Covid spike, new study warns

Follow RT on The UK must increase its vaccinations to 2 million doses per week – a tenfold jump – and keep up a national Tier 4 lockdown if it is to curtail a spike in Covid-19 driven by a highly infectious strain, a new study has warned. Conducted by the London School of Hygiene […]

London dismisses Scottish call for a Brexit extension as world cuts UK off amid new Covid strain fears

Follow RT on Boris Johnson’s spokesperson has reiterated that the UK’s Brexit transition will end on December 31 amid calls to extend the period as trade negotiations reach an impasse and a new variant of Covid sees Britain cut off. The remarks come after Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, demanded the UK government seek to […]

WATCH: London Heathrow descends into chaos as hundreds stranded due to overbooked flights

Follow RT on Hundreds of passengers were left stranded at Heathrow Airport amid the newly-imposed Tier 4 restrictions, creating chaos and overcrowding, and tense scenes at the world’s seventh-busiest airport. Multiple countries have imposed travel bans on passengers arriving from the UK and even halted the air connection with it, amid concerns over a new […]

EVEN TRUMP dumps on BoJo for stealing Christmas from millions of Brits as #Tier4 gets memed into oblivion

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fresh coronavirus restrictions have earned the Conservative PM the scorn of commentators online. Even US President Donald Trump is holding up his lockdown as an example of what not to do. “It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you we cannot continue with […]

ALL EYEZ ON ME Lyrics and Video Song – Jazzy B, Roach Killa

All the way up jithe khada tera jattWell you don’t know All the way up jithe khada tera jattJazzy B!All the way up jithe khada tera jattRoach Killa money productionAll the way up jithe khada tera jattDass kehda chakku saddi haziri ch akh Chadd chaache deyan moddeyanTe vekheya si melaOhde pichhe baneyaa main Manak da […]

Milli Major – Shut Down The Dance Lyrics (feat. Prez T & Paper Pabs)

[Bridge: Milli Major] We shut down the dance We shut down the dance We shut down the dance We shut down the dance [Hook: Milli Major] We shut down the dance Yeah, you know my team Bagged the promoters Drinks on me There’s queues outside Like say the entry’s free That’s it, I’m onstage next […]

Adi – Theroux Or False Lyrics

Louis Sebastian Theroux Is an precious American broadcaster Best known for his Gonzo style journalism Louis was educated at Westminster School He then went to Magdalen College Oxford, where he gained a degree In modern history, modern history He lives in the London district With his partner, Nancy In 1992 he was hired as a […]

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Thug Love Lyrics

[Intro] It’s crazy, you’re still pretty when you cry We got London on the track [Verse 1] She want that thug love, yeah But this ain’t no f**king love song It’s crazy you’re still pretty when you cry Push your panty strings over to the side Gon’ wake up and hit it, why you got your thong on? Yeah […]