Met Police question man, ‘actively seek’ another after anti-lockdown protesters chase BBC journalist through London

Follow RT on London’s Metropolitan Police have questioned one man and are hunting a second after BBC Newsnight’s political editor Nicholas Watt was chased through the streets of the UK capital during a protest against Covid-19 restrictions. Officers have interviewed a man in his 50s at a police station in Hertfordshire and are searching for […]

Pundits Twitter-whip BoJo after PM takes private jet from London to Cornwall to attend climate-focused G7 summit

Follow RT on Boris Johnson has been mercilessly heckled after flying to a G7 summit in Cornwall – where he says environmental issues are top of the agenda. The UK prime minister insists there is nothing odd with his choice of transport. The British leader tweeted out an eco-friendly message to the world after his […]

Student who led Oxford vote to ‘cancel’ the Queen as symbol of ‘colonial history’ turns out to be AMERICAN

Follow RT on The son of a wealthy Washington, DC lawyer and schoolmate of President Barack Obama’s daughters led the vote by a group of Oxford University students to remove the portrait of Elizabeth II to make their common room a ‘safe space.’ Matthew Katzman, 25, graduated from Stanford University and is now a doctoral […]

‘Time running out’ to solve Northern Ireland Brexit issues, UK says, as EU warns London against breaching law

Follow RT on There is now a limited amount of time in which to resolve Brexit-induced border issues in Northern Ireland, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman has said, after the EU warned Britain against breaching international law. The PM’s spokesman said London had not expected Brussels to take such a “purist” approach to the […]

‘More black kids demonstrating their lives don’t matter’: Brits disgusted by gang stabbing in London’s Hyde Park

Follow RT on Disgusted Britons have taken to social media to condemn a violent attack on a young man by a group of black youths armed with machetes and long knives that took place in one of the city’s most prestigious parks in broad daylight. Tuesday evening’s attack was filmed by several people who were enjoying […]

Droves of lockdown protesters flood London for weekly ‘Freedom March’ (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on A protest in London has drawn a large number of participants, united by their mistrust of how the British government is handling the Covid-19 situation. Such events are part of a larger movement that’s gripping Western countries. In the latest weekly demonstration, tens of thousands marched through the streets of the British […]

London police arrest 5 men on suspicion of attempted murder of BLM activist Sasha Johnson who was shot in head

Follow RT on The Met Police have arrested five men on suspicion of the attempted murder of Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson, who was shot in the head in the early hours of Sunday, but they don’t believe she was intentionally targeted. Johnson, 27, who is a member of the Taking the Initiative Party, […]

London’s Pimlico Academy hit with teacher strike after headmaster steps down over ‘racist’ uniform & Union Jack policies

Follow RT on Teachers at Pimlico Academy have voted to strike to express their displeasure with the London school’s management, following accusations of racism tied to the institution’s uniform policy and its decision to fly the Union Jack. Staff at the London secondary school voted 85% in favour of going on strike to protest against […]

Relationship with EU ‘will be a bit bumpy for a time’ says UK negotiator as London explores doing things ‘differently’ to Brussels

Follow RT on The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator has warned that relations between London and Brussels are likely to remain uneasy for a while, but said the British government’s priority must be to explore doing things differently than the EU. Speaking to lawmakers on Monday, UK Cabinet Minister David Frost said the main objective for […]

VIDEOS of anti-Semitic protesters chanting ‘F**k the Jews’ and ‘rape their daughters’ on London streets spark police investigation

Follow RT on A pro-Palestine car parade through London has caused outrage, after video circulated showing participants calling for the rape and murder of Jews over loudspeaker. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is divisive in the West, with American and British conservatives proudly proclaiming their support for Israel, and most leftists usually falling on the pro-Palestinian side […]

‘Humbled’ Sadiq Khan re-elected as London mayor, giving Labour a victory as party reels from by-election setbacks

Follow RT on London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been re-elected to lead a city rocked by knife crime and controversial Covid-19 lockdowns, giving the Labour Party a victory to celebrate after being embarrassed in this week’s by-election. Khan was pronounced winner of 55.2% of the mayoral vote on Saturday, besting Conservative Shaun Bailey’s 44.8%. While […]

Scotland’s Sturgeon warns Boris Johnson not to block SECOND independence vote, says he’d be ‘picking a fight’ with Scottish people

Follow RT on Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to block another independence referendum. However, Sturgeon may not be in a position to demand such a vote. With counting still underway in Scotland’s parliamentary election, Sturgeon’s is on track for a fourth term as first minister, winning 62 out […]

UK to send ROYAL NAVY to Jersey waters as French fishermen threaten to block island’s main port

Follow RT on London has announced it would send two patrol vessels to the island of Jersey in the English Channel as a “precautionary” measure as French fishermen threaten to block its port amid a row over fishing rights. The standoff between Jersey and Paris over providing French vessels with fishing rights in the island’s […]

Two Met officers charged with misconduct over photos of murdered sisters taken at London crime scene

Follow RT on The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said that two Met Police officers have been charged with misconduct over photos taken at the scene of a double murder and later reportedly shared on WhatsApp. Pc Deniz Jaffer, 47, and Pc Jamie Lewis, 32, have been charged “in connection with photographs taken and […]

UK govt tenders suggest London could secretly be preparing for lockdowns to last until at least 2022

Follow RT on By Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist exploring the role of intelligence services in shaping politics and perceptions. Follow him on Twitter @KitKlarenberg UK citizens are prepared for a “great British summer” due to the progress of the UK’s vaccination program. However, quietly-published government contracts reveal the promised roadmap out of lockdown could in fact […]

Extinction Rebellion activists break windows, stage protest outside HSBC HQ in London over fossil fuel financing

Follow RT on A group of female climate activists protested outside the headquarters of HSBC in London, breaking multiple windows and staging a sit-in over the bank’s involvement in financing the fossil fuel industry. Nine women affiliated with the Extinction Rebellion group and Burning Pink political party showed up in Canary Wharf early Thursday. Valerie […]

YouTube prankster reaches 5% in London mayoral poll, nearly overtaking Green Party candidate

Follow RT on Niko Omilana, a YouTube star who makes prank videos and other comedy content, has hit 5% in a new London mayoral election poll – placing him just one point behind the Green Party and three points behind the Liberal Democrats. A Savanta ComRes survey released on Wednesday shows Labour Party candidate and […]

Christians condemn London police for shutting down ‘unlawful’ Good Friday church service citing Covid & threatening arrest (VIDEO)

Follow RT on A video showing London police stopping a Good Friday service at a Catholic church and warning parishioners to go home or face arrest due to Covid restrictions has provoked outrage from worshippers both at home and abroad. The footage, which was filmed at the Christ the King Polish Roman Catholic Church, in […]

London has no plans to share Covid vaccines with Republic of Ireland, PM’s office says despite reports

Follow RT on Boris Johnson’s spokesman has dismissed rumours that the UK will share vaccines with the Republic of Ireland in an attempt to allow Northern Ireland to end its lockdown without the risk of importing infections from its neighbour. Speaking on Monday, the prime minister’s spokesman said London’s priority is the British public and […]

‘A fantastic milestone’: London sees no new Covid deaths for first time in half a year

Follow RT on No new coronavirus-related fatalities were recorded in London on Sunday, marking the first time in six months that the UK capital has not registered daily deaths attributed to the disease. According to Public Health England, on March 28 there were no patients in London who succumbed to the virus. Anyone who dies […]

London mayor savaged for plan to cut numbers of ‘white men’ in science and engineering

Follow RT on Mayor Sadiq Khan says he wants fewer white men working in science and engineering. His plan to “fix” the situation has sparked a furious backlash online. “There’s no good reason why 65% of people working in science and engineering should be white men,” Khan tweeted on Saturday, citing figures from the British […]

Police round up women mourning London kidnapping-murder victim in crackdown on VIGIL held despite Covid ban (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on A London vigil for murder victim Sarah Everard — held in defiance of a police order amid the Covid-19 pandemic – turned ugly after large numbers of officers arrived and tried to clear people from the area. Several organizers of Saturday’s vigil at Clapham Common were reportedly arrested, and footage from the […]

Met constable Wayne Couzens formally charged with kidnapping & murder of Sarah Everard

Follow RT on A London police constable has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard. Her case has drawn national attention, sparking debate about women’s safety after she went missing in south London. London Metropolitan Police constable Wayne Couzens, assigned to protect diplomatic premises, has been formally charged with the kidnapping and […]

Welsh first minister warns English not to holiday in Wales over Easter as Cardiff relaxes Covid-19 restrictions before London

Follow RT on Wales’ first minister has warned holiday lettings companies not to accept bookings from people in England over the Easter break as Cardiff makes early moves to ease the national lockdown. Speaking on Friday, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford said the reopening of self-contained holiday accommodation in the country from March 27 must […]

Men-only CURFEW should be imposed after murder of London woman, Green party baroness suggests, prompting mockery online

Follow RT on A Green Party politician has been labelled ‘deranged’ after she called for a 6pm curfew on men following the tragic murder of a London woman, with some urging the party to instead focus on the broadly popular green agenda. On Wednesday evening, Baroness Jenny Jones threatened to bring an amendment “to the […]

London promises students won’t miss out on an education if they refuse to wear a mask as schools reopen after Covid closures

Follow RT on The British schools minister has vowed that students returning to school on Monday in England will not be turned away if they refuse to wear a mask, as unions warn schools could close again if teachers don’t feel Covid-secure. Schools minister Vicky Ford told Sky News on Monday that the wearing of […]

London warns Italy export ban on Covid-19 vaccine to Australia ‘endangers global efforts to fight virus’

Follow RT on London has warned Brussels that export bans on Covid-19 doses to non-EU countries threaten the global jab rollout, after Italy stopped a shipment of AstraZeneca vaccine reaching Australia. “We are all dependent on global supply chains, putting in place restrictions endangers global efforts to fight the virus,” Reuters quotes UK Prime Minister […]

Member of London mayor’s ‘statue toppling’ diversity commission resigns amid accusations of racism and anti-Semitism

Follow RT on A member of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s controversial ‘statue diversity’ commission has resigned, following heavy criticism of his past comments as ‘racist’ and complaints over anti-Semitic remarks in his blog posts. “Toyin Agbetu has today resigned from the Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm and the Mayor believes this is the […]

£10,000 fine for a party: London barber shop celebration ends in police raid (VIDEO)

Follow RT on Over 20 people are facing fines after London police raided an illegal pandemic party being held at a barber’s shop in west Croydon, with the organizer expected to pay thousands of pounds. Metropolitan Police posted bodycam footage of the raid, which took place early on Saturday, showing dozens of partygoers mingling without […]

London takes aim at Sturgeon after Scottish leader says EU flag must be flown on government buildings, not Union flag

Follow RT on The British foreign minister has slammed Nicola Sturgeon after the Scottish leader elected to take down the Union flag on all days of the year apart from Remembrance Sunday but leave the EU flag flying. “She’s really not good at listening to people when they make their voices known at referenda” James […]