‘World leaders in green energy my backside’: Britain fires up two coal power stations as wind speeds drop, drawing ire

Follow RT on Energy firm EDF was forced to turn on two coal power stations on Monday, ending the UK’s latest coal-free period, as the National Grid experienced a shortage of power due to low wind speeds across the country. On Monday, the National Grid turned to coal to power the nation’s homes as wind […]

CHAOS at London’s Heathrow Airport as passengers forced to wait for 5 hours in packed queues despite Covid-19 risk (PHOTOS)

Follow RT on London’s Heathrow Airport suffered huge queues and a dangerous lack of social distancing this week, despite the ongoing threat of Covid-19, due to a Border Force staff shortage which kept travellers waiting for five hours. Travellers at Heathrow Airport have repeatedly experienced such conditions since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, as […]

Anti-vax protesters storm UK drug regulator’s London office in protest over planned Covid jab for children

Follow RT on Protesters have stormed the headquarters of the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in London’s Canary Wharf and clashed with police amid a demonstration against plans to roll out Covid vaccines for children. London’s Metropolitan Police force confirmed that a group of protesters attempted to breach the building that serves as […]

Afghans who worked with British govt will get PERMANENT residence in UK, but hundreds still left behind

Follow RT on Afghans who worked for British troops will be entitled to “indefinite” leave to stay and a right to apply for UK citizenship in the future, London has said, as hundreds of those eligible for evacuation remain in Afghanistan. Dubbed ‘Operation Warm Welcome,’ the British government unveiled on Wednesday what it called a […]

Police descend on London’s iconic Tower Bridge after XR activists block landmark (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on Extinction Rebellion protesters descended on London’s Tower Bridge on Monday, blocking the iconic route to demand that the British government comes clean about its fossil fuel investments and responds urgently to global warming. Activists from the climate action group blocked traffic on the famous London landmark, using a van and a caravan […]

‘Looks like thousands!’ WATCH Protesters clog London in march against vaccine passports

Follow RT on Protesters have packed into central London in a demonstration against the government’s ongoing plans to introduce so-called vaccine passports. Though largely ignored by the media, “thousands” of people reportedly took part. The protest march kicked off at Hyde Park on Saturday afternoon and set off across Vauxhall Bridge and toward Clapham Common. […]

Arrests made as Animal Rebellion activists ‘vandalise’ iconic Victoria Memorial fountain outside London’s Buckingham Palace

Follow RT on Several people have been arrested after Animal Rebellion activists dashed red paint on a monument to Queen Victoria outside London’s Buckingham Palace to protest crown estates “contributing to the death of animals.” On Thursday, Animal Rebellion activists covered the fountains of the Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace with red dye to symbolise […]

London police tell people to throw out food after man allegedly INJECTS something into products at 3 supermarkets

Follow RT on Three supermarkets in west London were shut down on Wednesday evening after police arrested a man who is believed to have contaminated products with an unknown substance. The incident happened on Fulham Palace Road at the local branches of Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. Police and the Hammersmith and Fulham Council advised residents […]

WATCH 50+ arrests made after Extinction Rebellion protest shuts down London street

Follow RT on Dozens of environmental activists with Extinction Rebellion were arrested after taking to the streets of London for a major protest, chaining themselves to objects – and each other – to shut down a busy junction in the city. The environmentalist group gathered near London’s Trafalgar Square on Monday, where protesters attempted to […]

Anti-vaxx protesters in London target Google, accuse tech firm of censorship (VIDEO)

Follow RT on Anti-vaccine protesters in London have descended on the offices of tech giant Google, as their citywide campaign against the media continues. The protesters accuse Google and its ilk of silencing Covid-related dissent. A crowd of protesters pressed up against the doors of Google’s office at London’s King’s Cross on Monday. The demonstrators […]

BBC accused of ‘omitting facts’ about Muslim culprit seen in video of shocking anti-Semitic attack in London

Follow RT on The BBC has once-again drawn the ire of the British public after it reported a shocking assault that left a man in “Orthodox Jewish dress” unconscious, but failed to describe his attacker’s Islamic clothing. Over the weekend, reports emerged of a horrific and unprovoked attack on a 64-year-old Jewish man as he […]

Another rich ‘eco-loon’? Stephen Fry takes heat for backing XR protest in London demanding end to fossil fuel investment

Follow RT on Stephen Fry has been chewed out by resentful Twitter users after the well-off actor announced his support for Extinction Rebellion demonstrations in London, claiming the radical group was moving the world towards necessary change. The global collective of climate change activists, known for its apocalyptic eco-prophecies, as well as its often highly […]

UK police keep painting cars with rainbows to stamp out anti-LGBTQ bigotry… but critics would prefer ‘anti-knife crime’ vans

Follow RT on Facing an epidemic of stabbings and other violence, UK police have been criticised for prioritising mean social media comments instead by painting Pride-themed colors on their cars to encourage more reporting of “hate crimes.” The aim of the so-called “hate crime cars” is to inspire more confidence among gay and transgender victims […]

UK says ALL Afghan embassy guards will receive protection, in about-face after diplomats fled leaving local staff behind – reports

Follow RT on Afghan contractors who worked security at the British Embassy in Kabul will get help to relocate to the UK, as London faced criticism for allegedly leaving them stranded after helping diplomats board an evacuation flight. In an abrupt reversal, an unnamed spokesperson for the British government told the Guardian on Friday that […]

Outrage as London’s Violence Against Women and Girls Board chair says she was sacked over concerns about trans access to refuges

Follow RT on The co-chair of London’s Violence Against Women and Girls Board has been sacked by the mayor’s office after expressing concern about allowing trans women to use refuge centres for victims of rape and domestic abuse. On Thursday, Joan Smith, an author, activist and adviser on violence against women, took to Twitter to […]

‘Free Assange’: Corbyn joins protesters demanding release of Assange as US extradition appeal reaches London’s High Court

Follow RT on Protesters, including former opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, have demanded the release of Julian Assange outside London’s High Court as a preliminary hearing concerning a US appeal to extradite the WikiLeaks co-founder begins. Scores gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice in central London on Wednesday morning as a legal challenge made by […]

‘Save our lives, UK’: Abandoned Afghan interpreters plead with London as Taliban offensive rolls on

Follow RT on The UK has extracted some 3,000 people it employed in Afghanistan, but the relocation program has come under fire as the situation deteriorates. Hundreds are set to have been left behind at the mercy of Islamist militants. Two Afghan interpreters, who served British troops during their years-long stay in the war-torn country, […]

Estate agent confesses to assaulting England’s chief medical officer in London’s St James’s Park

Follow RT on Lewis Hughes, an estate agent from Essex, pleaded guilty on Friday at Westminster Magistrates Court to assaulting England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, in London’s St James Park on June 27. The case was sparked after video footage circulated on social media showing two men, one of whom was Hughes, grabbing […]

Hundreds of children sexually abused over several decades in London council’s care on a scale ‘hard to comprehend’ – inquiry

Follow RT on The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has found that more than 700 children in the care of London’s Lambeth Council were abused for several decades as part of a “toxic power game.” In a Tuesday report, the inquiry alleged that children in the care of Lambeth Council “were subjected to levels […]

London hit with FLASH FLOODS as torrential rain turns roads into rivers in UK capital (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on Londoners have seen streets flooded by torrential streams and a tube station being submerged under water as a heatwave in the UK capital was replaced by heavy rains. Some people even had to abandon cars stranded in flooded roads. Earlier this week, the British capital saw some of the hottest days of […]

Freedom Rally: Thousands protest Covid passports in London… as anti-vax speaker threatens doctors with ‘Nuremberg trials’

Follow RT on Anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination activists rallied in multiple British cities against the vaccine passport initiative. In London, one of the speakers triggered a major controversy by likening NHS staff to Nazi doctors. Thousands of people gathered at Trafalgar Square in London on Saturday for the ‘Freedom Rally’, to protest the restrictive measures introduced […]

Gay rights activist Tatchell leads ‘Reclaim Pride’ march in London to protest ‘too corporate’ Pride events

Follow RT on A ‘Reclaim Pride march – led by British politician and LGBT rights activist Peter Tatchell – took place in London on Saturday to support gay rights in Africa and protest larger Pride events, which he says are more “corporate.” The march went from Parliament Square to Downing Street and to the Uganda […]

‘Only in UK’: Shocking clips show ‘prankster’ in SPIDER-MAN costume assault female staff, shoppers in London supermarket (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on Bizarre footage from London showed a man dressed as Spider-Man kicking and punching a female worker in an Asda supermarket. Police arrested five people after the brawl, as reports pointed to a group of violent “pranksters.” The video, apparently filmed on Thursday night, shows a man wearing a Spider-Man outfit bursting through […]

‘Unity Is Freedom’: Anti-lockdown protesters rally in London as Covid-19 restrictions lifted in England (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on Anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination activists rallied in London on Monday, despite nearly all coronavirus-related restrictions having been lifted the very same day. Thousands gathered outside the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the country’s parliament, carrying signs reading “Unity Is Freedom” and “It’s Not a Pandemic, It’s an IQ Test.” Protesters chanted, “Shame […]

Revellers line up at London clubs to celebrate #FreedomDay as England lifts most Covid-19 restrictions at midnight

Follow RT on Partygoers all across England flocked to newly reopened nightclubs to mark what has become known as “Freedom Day,” as the bulk of Covid-19 restrictions were lifted at the stroke of midnight. Footage shared on social media showed long queues forming outside London’s nightclub venues on Sunday ahead of the much-anticipated reopening at […]

London borough apologises for having actor in bare-bottomed monkey costume with mock genitalia encourage kids to read more books

Follow RT on Officials in London’s Redbridge borough were left red-faced after a library event designed to promote reading among kids featured a monkey character in a costume that included dangling fake genitalia and exposed buttocks. The costume and the actor wearing it came from Mandinga Arts, a troupe of street performers based in Clapham […]

Police charge 15-yo boy with murder of 15-yo Tamim Ian Habimana amid spate of teenage stabbings in London

Follow RT on The Metropolitan Police have arrested two teenagers and charged one of them with the murder of Tamim Ian Habimana. The 15-year-old was stabbed to death on Monday evening in southern London. The suspect, identified as ‘A’, and a 14-year-old boy, ‘B’, were arrested in connection with the murder on Friday. Both remain […]

London cop Wayne Couzens pleads guilty to murdering Sarah Everard, will be sentenced on September 29

Follow RT on London police officer Wayne Couzens has pleaded guilty to killing Sarah Everard in March. He faces life in prison and will be sentenced in late September. Couzens admitted to murdering Everard in a London court on Friday, Carolyn Oakley of the Crown Prosecution Service has said. He pleaded guilty to kidnapping and […]

London man charged with assault after viral video showed him harassing UK Covid official Chris Whitty

Follow RT on 23-year-old Lewis Hughes has been charged with assault and is scheduled to appear in court later this month after a viral video showed him and a friend harassing England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty. The east London man is set to appear in court on July 30th after being charged on Thursday evening […]

More people sleeping rough in London despite govt spending millions to house homeless during pandemic

Follow RT on Rough sleeping has risen in London over the past year, new figures show, despite the government promising to house everyone during the pandemic, and allocating over £700 million to support current and potential rough sleepers. Data released by the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN) shows that 11,018 people were seen rough […]