Dj Bandz – On Me Lyrics (feat. Lil Durk, SkippaDaFlippa & Lil Herb)

[Prelude] Traplanta shit , skippa da flippa in this bitch man Get it gang , temper up gang Shoot’em up gang , Take somenthin gang On me [Post Hook : Lil Durk] The Niggas on me The Bitches on me Got designer on me Chilanta on me I Got Gucci on me, I got Louis […]


Lyrics to ‘Distance’ by Lil Durk: –Intro: Lil Durk & Lil Reese– Gang! Know we mud bruddas, drug bruddas know what I’m sayin’ came from the bottom Let’s get it man Know what I’m sayin’ they ain’t gon really like this shit Reese Let’s get it bro Let’s make a million dollars off this table […]

Gucci Mane & Ralo – Chiraqistan (feat. Lil Durk) (Outro) (Ralo Laflare Album)

[Intro: Lil Durk & Ralo] Let’s get it pussy Yeah Dope OTF You know how we rockin’ nigga, only the Famgoon shit Only the Famgoon nigga Haha Hey Durk Turn up [Verse 1: Ralo] OG, I’m with OTF and you know we verse anybody Durk told me that they forgot, he think they forgot about […]

Lil Durk – Internet (feat. Young Thug)

[Hook: Lil Durk] Pussy boy, you ain’t been a threat Talkin’ trash, boy you been doin’ that Yo’ baby momma, boy we’ve been in that You ain’t even bought a Bentley yet Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat Street niggas gettin’ rap checks Ask ’em ’bout that boy I’m ’bout that You just do it for the internet […]

Lil Bibby – You Ain’t Gang (Remix) (feat. Lil Durk, Dej Loaf & Kevin Gates)

[Intro: Lil Bibby] Hey Why they hatin’ on a youngin’? Said why they hatin’ on a youngin’? [Hook: Lil Bibby] Nigga you can’t hang, you ain’t gang, gang You can’t hang, nigga you can’t hang, you ain’t gang, gang Nigga you can’t hang, you can’t hang, hang You can’t, you can’t hang, you ain’t gang, […]

Lil Durk feat. YFN Trae Pound, Hypno Carlito, Johnny Cinco & YFN Lucci – Lyrics

(Intro – Lil Durk) You gotta watch out You gotta watch out (Chorus – Lil Durk & YFN Lucci) Ay, trapping off tours Now I get 20 for a course This lean and this perc got me hoarse Remember them nights I was poor Remember them nights on the floor Police was kicking in doors […]

Lil Durk – Glock Up letras

My boys play no games Keep must, need no aim Lil Durk need no fame Pints in, need codeine 2K for these Balmains 2K cause we ballin’ Bad bitch keep callin’ Poker face, we all in Blockbuster, we pop up Pussy boys ain’t old enough Keep your gun, we pop up Don’t try us, we […]