Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Vs. Diplo & Kid Ink – Hey Baby (feat. Deb’s Daughter)

[Intro: Deb’s Daughter & Kid Ink] Ay baby, hey baby Kid Ink, Vegas Ay baby, hey baby Mike, Diplo [Verse 1: Deb’s Daughter] You want it all All alone, walking high on the wire You want it all Or you brag that you’re lost in the fire Before you fall Let me show you me […]

Kid Ink – Die In It letras

[Verse 1] I came in with my level up Watch them bitches kept that 4 page level up Feeling like MJ with the glitter glove Pimp slap a nigga wit a misses in the buff Same city, I’m an LA citizen With the bad bitches and that sticky-icky cinnabon All I’m rollin’, they follow Mozes […]

Verse Simmonds – Property (feat. Kid Ink) letras

[Hook: Verse Simmons] My property, you are my property Yeah you are my property, yeah you are my property I know mine just can’t take you apart from me My property, yeah-yeah, my property [Verse 1: Verse Simmons] This been getting messy-messy I’ve never been the type to lovey-lovey I know I had to change […]