Andy Mineo – Coquito Lyrics

[Verse 1: Foggieraw & Andy Mineo] Light-skinned friend she look like Michael Jackson Got a dark-skinned friend she lo-look like Tito (Tito) Pull up to that rim, I can’t miss like D-Rose (D-Rose) Baby my coquito, you know she from Puerto Rico (aye, yah) Lie like James Bond in my black tuxedo (hmm) Southside coolant, […]

Sean Leon – 905 9To5 (I Think You’ve Gone Mad (Or The Sins Of The Father) Album)

[Intro] Lil’ nigga got a mission Run this money, fuck these bitches Heard they plotting, heard they dissing Catch a body, catch ’em slipping [Verse 1] Where we skip on education Cut class to do them home invasions From 9 to 5 was always prime From 9 to 5 I know it’s vacant This 905 […]