Lil Wayne – Thought it Was a Drought” Lyrics

(Verse) Big body on brabas, that’s all I know Big shotties in the closet, that’s all I wore Screaming “money over power” Quote, un-quote And if the bread get too low, kidnap John Doe (hold up) I just fucked your bitch in some Young Money flip flops I’m smoking on that loud and you can […]

Wu-Tang Clan – If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation) / Hood Go Bang (feat. Method Man)

Look, vibe with me Rhyme is tricky, who ridin’ with me Who kinda miss me can kinda miss me, you kinda iffy Don’t know the history? I’m from the city of stop and frisk me The cops is jiggy, they spot the blickey then try and get me My pops a Willie, said "Give her […]

Usher Getting Sued By A Man and Two Women For Herpes

Usher‘s legal troubles is about to mushroom into a whole new level. The R&B legend is getting sued not just by two more women, but also by a man who claimed that he may have contracted Herpes from Usher through sexual intercourse. TMZ broke the story on Friday that three additional persons have stepped forward […]