Smoove L – Through The Night Lyrics

What you doing, I’m looking at the stars You see that, uh It’s nighttime now (yeah, yeah,yeah) (Yeah Yeah) Moving right, If you don’t you get end up left at an light Got some real hittas who moving through the night I got niggas who spinning, no thinking twice Blow the city up like its a dynamite I’m going […]

David Keenan – Subliminal Dublinia Lyrics

Noiseless nomad, what does the road hold For this cradle capped croppie Hands covered in chalk I’ve withstood many tremors In this constellation of plasticity Water diviner, point me towards the source I am a stevedore hauling heavy cargo From the bowels of the ship I spat a thought cleansing spit Wiping my lips on my sleeve The dope […]

Vybz Kartel Previews Song About Domestic Violence Against Women

Vybz Kartel is dropping at least five new songs this month. The aced dancehall deejay is closing out the year on a high and already he his looking beyond 2017, putting his fans on high alert for a flurry of new singles at the top of the new year. Vybz Kartel previews a new song […]