WSJ learns of Jersey investigation into Abramovich’s assets

Law enforcement officers are investigating whether Abramovich's wealth was obtained illegally, and whether his proxies violated the law. They are, in particular, investigating the purchase of oil assets by Abramovich in the 1990s jpg” alt=”WSJ has learned of an investigation in Jersey into Abramovich's assets” /> Roman Abramovich The authorities of the island of Jersey […]

Jersey reaches deal with French fishermen after vessels blockade the British Channel island’s port over Brexit dispute

Follow RT on Jersey has announced that it has reached an agreement with French fishermen to extend post-Brexit transition rules for three months to allow negotiations over licences to continue a month after vessels blockaded the island’s port. In a statement released on Monday, Jersey’s Minister for External Relations Ian Gorst said that the island […]

France says Jersey fishing row can be ‘quickly unblocked’ by applying post-Brexit trade deal, as UK looks to withdraw naval boats

Follow RT on A spat between London and Paris over the lack of fishing licences granted by Jersey to French fishermen can be resolved through the proper application of the UK and EU’s Brexit agreement, France’s Foreign Ministry has said. “We want the situation to be quickly unblocked through the full implementation of the trade […]

French fishermen blockade Jersey port as 2 British naval vessels arrive at the island amid fishing row (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on French fishermen have sailed their vessels to the port of St Helier to stage a protest at the lack of full fishing licences issued to French fishermen since Brexit; Britain has deployed two sizeable naval vessels nearby. Data from shows around 25 French-registered vessels stationed just outside Jersey’s main port on Thursday morning, […]

UK to send ROYAL NAVY to Jersey waters as French fishermen threaten to block island’s main port

Follow RT on London has announced it would send two patrol vessels to the island of Jersey in the English Channel as a “precautionary” measure as French fishermen threaten to block its port amid a row over fishing rights. The standoff between Jersey and Paris over providing French vessels with fishing rights in the island’s […]

Jersey hits back after Paris threatens to turn lights off on the island if French fishermen aren’t given access to waters

Follow RT on The island of Jersey buys almost all its electricity from French suppliers. A Jersey official called the threat “disproportionate”, claiming French fishermen haven’t provided the necessary information for full licences. Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday, Jersey’s External Relations Minister, Ian Gorst, said that the island’s government had issued licences to […]

French maritime minister warns Paris could cut off Jersey’s power amid rolling post-Brexit fishing row

Follow RT on France is prepared to retaliate against new rules governing fishing near the Channel Islands – and could even go as far as leaving Jersey without electricity, French Maritime Minister Annick Girardin has hinted. During her appearance at the French parliament on Tuesday, Girardin insisted that the rules concerning UK waters were “completely […]

Akrobatik – Rekless Abandon Lyrics (feat. Reks & Chilla Jones)

Grrr, Grrr I’m rattling this cage – rattling it C’mon It’s A to the K all day With my homies from around my way [Akrobatik] Ak’s not the brother you want to f**k with The type of cat you need a turbo U-Haul truck to hit The dreaded linebacker frame’s back in the game With […]

Cab Calloway – The Jumpin’ Jive Lyrics

Hep-hep! De-boodle-de-ack, de-boodle-de-ackasaki! Hep-hep! Oh, rang-tang, te-dah-dah Hep-hep! Gonna tell you ’bout the jumpin’ jive Hep-hep! Jim, jam, jump, the jumpin’ jive; Hep-hep! Cats gonna beat out this mellow jive; Hep-hep! Beat it out on the mellow side Boy? Whatcha gonna say there, gate? Oh, boy! Whatcha gonna say there, gate? Palomar, shalomar, Swanee shore […]

EARTHGANG – This Side Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Johnny Venus] Doo-doo-doo-doo I pray for all my niggas, and niggettes And non-niggas, and non-niggettes [Verse 1: Johnny Venus] Things change, people change Love grows, come and go Sometimes I get overwhelmed I’m in, in over my head Put my life online for sale Put that wish up on a star Put that money on […]

Dreamville – Ladies, Ladies, Ladies Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: JID] I always wanted to do one of these type shits [Verse 1: JID] Uh, I had a yellow girl, called her, “Dandelion” She be panty-less, so no panty lines She’s from Campbellton, north of county line Steady hands, never let her count the bands, though She fucked me, tryna pluck […]

Quavo – GIVE IT TO EM lyrics

Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh It’s Buddah Beats [Verse 1: Quavo] I’m like Odell with the contracts (Odell) Scratch that I’m up fifteen mil, that’s a fun fact (Fifteen mil) Bad bih, where you from? Give me some (Yeah) Come back, send me drum, banana, ugh Catch a contact, Met Gala, Kanye, one Come back, run that, run that, […]

“New Freezer” Rich The Kid and Kendrick Lamar Drops Some Fire In New Video

Tweet Share This winter will be chilling. Rich The Kid and Kendrick Lamar drop some fire in their new video “New Freezer.” In the Dave Free-directed cut, Rich The Kid shows off some dance moves as well as some ice cold jewelry fitting for the title of the single. He then rolls around the city […]

Dounia – Shyne

[Verse 1] I can only watch for so long, before I get uncomfortable The centerfold, I gotta be, pay attention, see I’m terribly offended they’re commending mediocrity Are we honestly praising this commodity? You call yourself an artist, stop, don’t get me started Stop, don’t get me started Not much of a drinker ’cause shit […]

Sun Kil Moon – Moorestown Lyrics

SUN KIL MOONMoorestown Lyrics Her window looked out on North Church Street An attic space overgrown A photobook of smiling friends Road maps, New York, Los Angeles Her walls are Mediterranean blue Her baby sister picked the hue Saltwater taffy, Jersey shore Blue like the fingernails she wore The house is not far from the […]

Donald Fagen – Tomorrow’s Girls Lyrics

DONALD FAGENTomorrow’s Girls Lyrics Our town is just like any other Good citizens at work and play Normal folks doin’ business in the normal way This morning was like any other Mommies kissing daddies goodbye Then the milkman screamed And pointed up at the sky Chorus: From Sheilus to the reefs of Kizmar From Stargate […]