The new prime minister of Italy may be a “local Marine le Pen”

Brothers of Italy nationalist party has a chance to win After the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the dissolution of the President of Parliament, Italy faces a snap election scheduled for September 25th. According to polls, a coalition led by the far-right Brothers of Italy party may win a majority as a result […]

Italy’s president dissolves parliament

Italian President Mattarela dissolved parliament after the resignation of Prime Minister Draghi The President of Italy, after meeting with the chairmen of both houses of parliament, signed a decree on its dissolution. The reason was a split in the government, which led to the resignation of Prime Minister Draghi “Italian President Dissolved Parliament” /> Sergio […]

Hard winter predicted in Italy when gas supplies from Russia are stopped

Thanks to the diversification of gas supplies, Italy is in a better position than other EU countries, the country's government said Gas supplies from Russia to Italy have decreased by 15%, and if they are completely stopped, the republic will face a difficult winter, Italian Minister of Environmental Transformations Roberto Cingolani said in an interview […]

Medvedev called Italy’s peace plan for Ukraine “cheap scheming”

Dmitry Medvedev The modern West has embraced the “itch of creation” peaceful plans to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, and the Italian proposals, in particular, do not correspond to the interests of Russia and are “cheap schemes”; and “nonsense”. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in his […]

Foreign Ministry received Italy’s plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine

Andrei Rudenko Russia is studying the plan of action proposed by the Italian authorities for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine, Andrey Rudenko, the replacement for Foreign Minister, told reporters, Interfax reports. “We we recently received it, we are considering it,— said the diplomat. Rudenko specified that the ministry would evaluate Rome's initiatives […]

‘Are France and Corsica different states too?’ UK Foreign Secretary Raab unloads on EU for ‘offensive’ view of Northern Ireland

Follow RT on UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has asked for “a bit of respect” for Northern Ireland during tough trade talks. British media claimed earlier that French President Emmanuel Macron hinted that the region was not part of the UK. The UK media cited government sources saying that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a […]

London warns Italy export ban on Covid-19 vaccine to Australia ‘endangers global efforts to fight virus’

Follow RT on London has warned Brussels that export bans on Covid-19 doses to non-EU countries threaten the global jab rollout, after Italy stopped a shipment of AstraZeneca vaccine reaching Australia. “We are all dependent on global supply chains, putting in place restrictions endangers global efforts to fight the virus,” Reuters quotes UK Prime Minister […]

Dax – Coronavirus (State of Emergency) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] The next week is going to be Is going to be a 9/11 moment It’s gonna be the hardest moment for many Americans in their entire life [Verse] This quarantine is got me feeling like I’m locked in a prison I got coffins for these beats they better stay at a distance Went to Costco […]