‘It takes two to fix it’: UK’s Frost tells EU stop generalising Britain as ‘Brexit obsessed’ & calls for intense N. Ireland talks

Follow RT on The UK’s Brexit minister David Frost has said the Northern Ireland Protocol needs to change as he called on the EU to enhance cooperation with their European partner, hoping for quick and intensive talks over the coming weeks. Speaking in Lisbon on Tuesday, Frost said that in upcoming talks the UK would […]

Northern Irish loyalists slam neighbouring Ireland for inflicting trade ‘Cold War’

Follow RT on Northern Ireland’s Loyalist Communities Council (LCC) has accused the Republic of Ireland of starting a trade Cold War, demanding answers from the UK government and the European Commission (EC) on how to handle its neighbour. The LCC launched a number of inflammatory blows at Ireland, proclaiming that the country has been using […]

UK’s Johnson pledges to remove ‘ludicrous barriers’ to trade with N. Ireland as Berlin demands Britain adhere to Brexit agreement

Follow RT on The British prime minister has spoken of his intention to end barriers created by the EU Withdrawal Agreement and re-establish free trade with Northern Ireland as Germany calls on London to do the opposite. Britain’s and the EU’s conflicting positions on Northern Ireland were further exposed on Tuesday as Germany’s Europe Minister […]

N. Ireland’s Loyalist Communities Council says none of their groups involved in recent violence, as further 19 officers injured

Follow RT on A council of unionist groups have said that its members were not involved in the recent violence sweeping across Northern Ireland and reiterated their support for a peaceful solution to Belfast’s post-Brexit arrangement. In a statement released at noon local time on Friday, the Loyalist Communities Council, which represents the views of […]

US telecoms giant Verizon signs first private 5G deal in Europe, will provide service to UK port

Follow RT on Verizon has announced the deployment of a 5G mobile network in the Port of Southampton, under its first private contract in Europe – a move that has been hailed as a “fantastic milestone” by the UK’s leading port operator. One of the largest in the UK, Southampton Port is one of 21 […]

London has no plans to share Covid vaccines with Republic of Ireland, PM’s office says despite reports

Follow RT on Boris Johnson’s spokesman has dismissed rumours that the UK will share vaccines with the Republic of Ireland in an attempt to allow Northern Ireland to end its lockdown without the risk of importing infections from its neighbour. Speaking on Monday, the prime minister’s spokesman said London’s priority is the British public and […]

UK criticised by EU and Ireland for breach of trust over Northern Ireland Protocol changes

Follow RT on The UK government has been criticised by both the EU’s finance chief, Mairead McGuinness, and Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney for a breach of trust over unilateral changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol. McGuinness and Coveney expressed their outrage over the breach of trust a day after the UK unilaterally extended a […]

‘An almost Trumpian act’: UK ex-secretary for N. Ireland slams EU for attempt to block vaccine flow

Follow RT on Former UK Secretary of State for Northern Island, Julian Smith has accused the European Union of committing “an almost Trumpian act” after it made an effort to stop vaccines from entering the UK at the Northern Irish border. By deciding to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol on Friday, the […]

Brexit to blame for disruption of food supply in N. Ireland, says Irish FM, amid reports of ‘bare’ shop shelves

Follow RT on Problems with food supply into Northern Ireland from Great Britain are “clearly a Brexit issue”, Ireland’s foreign affairs minister has said, amid reports of food shortages and “bare” supermarket shelves. Speaking to ITV on Wednesday, Simon Coveney said the shortages were “part of the reality” of the UK leaving the EU. “Let’s […]

‘Urgent intervention’: UK supermarkets appeal for govt action to tackle N. Ireland post-Brexit food supply problems

Follow RT on The UK’s biggest supermarket chains have come together to call for government action “to prevent significant disruption” to Northern Ireland’s food supply chains due to new customs regulations under the Brexit deal. The CEOs of Asda, Iceland, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Co-op said that “urgent intervention” was needed to address […]

Filthy Gears – Running Lyrics (feat. P Money)

[Chorus: P Money] When you hear this on the station Tell the DJ keep that (Running) I said when you hear this on the station Tell the DJ keep that (Running) All my nine-to-fivers that’s grinding To keep that electric and water (running) All my young dargs on the roadside Don’t get caught slipping, keep […]