Border Force no longer accepting ID cards from EU citizens, blocking passport-less Europeans from entry

Follow RT on The UK has stopped accepting ID cards as a valid form of documentation for entry at its border, the government has announced, in a move that means Europeans without passports will be blocked from entering. In a notice published on Friday by the Home Office and Border Force, the government said that […]

Met Police advises public to challenge plain-clothes officers after Wayne Couzens used police ID to abduct Sarah Everard

Follow RT on The UK’s Metropolitan Police service has warned the public to challenge plain-clothes officers, demanding they prove they are legitimate, after Couzens used his ID to fake an arrest before murdering Sarah Everard. Speaking following the sentencing of Couzens, who was handed a rare whole-life prison term, the Met Police accepted a “much […]

550k Brits sign petition for verified ID from social-media users as public debates whether it’ll curb racist abuse of footballers

Follow RT on A petition to make verified ID a legal requirement for opening social media accounts has received more than half a million signatures, reigniting debate around social media censorship after racist abuse towards England players. An official petition, started by former glamour model and TV star Katie Price in March 2021, went viral […]

UK govt gave contract to IT firm that is ‘openly plotting’ to turn vaccine passports into a national ID card, privacy group warns

Follow RT on The British government has been accused of aiming to covertly implement a national ID programme, after it partnered with a company that has advocated turning vaccine passports into a multi-purpose document. Entrust, an IT firm that bills itself as a “global leader in identities, payments, and data protection,” was awarded a contract […]

American Republicans mocked by Brits for insinuating ‘Queen of England’ supports voter ID laws like they do

Follow RT on The Republican State Leadership Committee in the US has been ridiculed by Brits after insinuating that the “Queen of England” supports voter ID laws – thus making her an enemy of the Democrats. “The woke cancel culture mob continues to call voter ID racist. Now that the Queen of England will require […]

Voter suppression or common sense? Britons divided over Tory plan to mandate photo ID at polling stations

Follow RT on Britons appear to be polarized over a government proposal to require voter ID, after a UK think tank condemned the idea as discriminatory, reigniting debate on the topic. Boris Johnson’s Tories are reportedly gearing up to introduce a bill this spring that will mandate photo ID at polling stations across the UK. […]

US activists condemn Boris Johnson’s voter ID plan, accuse him of copying Trump

Follow RT on As Boris Johnson prepares to introduce voter ID laws in the UK, US activist groups such as the ACLU have spoken out against the proposal, comparing its proponents to Donald Trump and warning it would “suppress the vote.” Johnson is expected to introduce a bill this spring mandating photo ID at polling […]

Vaccine passports will likely be needed to travel abroad, but still no plans for ‘domestic’ ID, UK transport secretary says

Follow RT on UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has signalled that vaccine passports may be required for international travel in the future, while insisting that there are still no plans to roll out similar ID for domestic purposes. Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday, Shapps said that he has been consulting with his counterparts […]

Nghtmre – Wrist Lyrics (feat. Tory Lanez)

[Intro] Lil Tory [Chorus] Slit my wrist, icy wit’ my fist Wrist shine Look what I did to my fist, ayy Slit my wrist, icy wit’ my fist Baby, take your bitch Wrist shine Yeah, nigga, flick of the wrist [Post-Chorus] Anytime, anytime, I said anytime See the wrist freeze, shine I said anytime, anytime, I said anytime See the wrist freeze, shine, I […]

Remy Ma – Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown) (feat. Chris Brown)

[Intro] Pretty brown eyes You know! [Verse 1: Remy Ma] I got that up north glow, body lookin’ like cinnamon I’m runnin’ shit right now, I think I pulled a ligament Fashion killa, Alaïa assassin Vetements villain, Balenciaga bastard I got that melanin magic, brown skin poppin’ Always fly, I stay in a cockpit I […]