A woman was stabbed in Hyde Park. Media and authorities are acting as if she had it coming for wearing a Charlie Hebdo shirt

Follow RT on By Nebojsa Malic, senior writer at RT After a woman was brutally attacked at Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner, reports about the incident focused on what she wore, begging the question whether free speech is no longer sacred to people who run London and the UK. A graphic video making rounds on social […]

‘More black kids demonstrating their lives don’t matter’: Brits disgusted by gang stabbing in London’s Hyde Park

Follow RT on Disgusted Britons have taken to social media to condemn a violent attack on a young man by a group of black youths armed with machetes and long knives that took place in one of the city’s most prestigious parks in broad daylight. Tuesday evening’s attack was filmed by several people who were enjoying […]

Wendy James – London’s Brilliant (Album Version)

I didn’t want to be some satellite clown So I went up to London cause I heard it’s falling down Found the Dennis the Menace of Little Venice Still digging up the bones of Strummer and Jones Revolutionary days were sadly over And a cool profile down Ladbroke Grove Won’t make it no more You […]

Jimmy Eat World – Pol Roger

Thanks for the offer, but I’m not scared Spend my birthday alone Miles of water, sun and sand A gift I give myself No one inside for help I walked in random till I lost everyone Some of corner of Hyde Park Got to my knees, and planned in hands And let the world go […]