Harry Fraud – Fulton Street Interlude Lyrics (feat. Big Body Bes)

[Verse] Yeah La musica de Harry Fraud Fraud, I got us Your truly Big motherf**kin’ Body La motherf**kin’ Musica You know I’m all around the world now Shoot outs in six languages (uh-huh) That’s word to mommy You know the oo-eey leave ’em sloppy You don’t wanna see 100 Latins in your lobby We cryin’ […]

French Montana – A1 (Intro Track) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Koko Taylor] Oh, yeah, oh, yeah Everything, everything, everything gon’ be alright Oh, yeah Coke boy, baby, baby, baby [Verse 1: French Montana] Ha, yeah, graduated while I’m aggravated From the half that made it, we was drinkin’, faded Me, and life and death is half-related (H-half-related) Masturbatin’ on a scale […]

French Montana – Suicide Doors Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: French Montana] La música de Harry Fraud Call her friend, let’s have a ménage, ooh From the bottom, straight to the top, ooh [Chorus: French Montana] We chop that work, we got that work Box that work, she got that work She got that work, my diamonds twerk Them haters hurt when them tables turn […]

Harry Fraud – Know About (feat. Rick Ross)

[Intro] Maybach music Real shit right here Shit The [?] got the Harry Fraud Let me come right back at these hoe niggas Check me out [Verse 1] Shining like Sonny Liston Smoking that Joe Frazier Prophet like Muhammad Abu Dhabi watching cable You gang banging, I’m dope dealing My chain swanging, I’m just a […]