France allowed the introduction of the EU embargo on Russian oil “this week”

State Secretary of the French Foreign Ministry Clement Bon allowed the EU embargo on Russian oil until May 15 Secretary of State for European Affairs of the French Foreign Ministry Clement Bon said that the EU could take a decision on the embargo on Russian oil as early as this week. Today Emmanuel Macron will […]

France did not invite Russia to mark the end of World War II

France became the second country that did not invite the Russian delegation to events marking the end of World War II. At the same time, the Immortal Regiment action is allowed in Paris and other cities of the country The French authorities did not invite Russian representatives to the May 8th celebration of the end […]

Nice-Matin announced the arrest of the Friedman family villa in France

According to Nice-Matin, the property is owned by a company 99% owned by the entrepreneur's daughters. The arrest is related to the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Fridman, according to the publication Mikhail Fridman French authorities have arrested the Copab villa, writes Nice-Matin. The publication calls it owned by the family of the […]

Malian authorities announce the termination of the defense agreement with France

The Malian authorities announced “flagrant violations” of the republic's sovereignty by the French military. Bamako terminated the defense agreement with Paris, which had been in force since 2014 =”The authorities of Mali have announced the termination of the defense agreement with France” /> Mali is terminating the defense agreement with France, announced in a televised […]

Macron’s victory overshadowed by “yellow vests”: France is torn apart by contradictions

Unpopular reforms complicate the new term of the head of state Emmanuel Macron's victory in the French presidential election has become as expected as the protests over the outcome of the second round of voting. But the scale of the anti-presidential demonstrations, judging by the reaction of both the police and ordinary citizens, turned out […]

Britain wants to de-escalate fishing row with France, says environment minister, as Paris releases detained trawler

Follow RT on The British environment minister has welcomed France’s decision to release a Scottish scallop trawler after Paris demanded London grant more fishing licences to French fishermen in an ongoing post-Brexit row. Speaking to Sky News on Tuesday, UK Environment Secretary George Eustice said that Britain wanted to de-escalate the fishing row with France, […]

UK warns France it has 48 hours to withdraw threats and resolve fishing row or face legal action

Follow RT on UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has warned France to cease its “unreasonable threats” against Britain and the Channel Islands, setting a 48-hour deadline for Paris to resolve the escalating row over fisheries. Speaking to the UK media on Monday, Truss warned that the British government is prepared to take legal action against […]

UK warns France of legal action on fishing dispute, claims Paris on cusp of breaching post-Brexit trade deal as spat escalate

Follow RT on The British government has threatened to start dispute proceedings against France if it moves to sanction the UK in a row over fishing licences, saying Paris would be breaching the EU-UK post-Brexit deal. On Friday, a UK government spokesperson stated that French threats to sanction Britain, or even cut off electricity, if […]

‘I couldn’t possibly comment’: Ex-vaccine minister fans flames after media reports France stole 5mn Covid shots from UK

Follow RT on Britain’s education secretary, formerly the vaccine minister until a recent reshuffle, has refused to deny reports that France stole as many as five million Covid-19 vaccines from the UK earlier this year. Speaking to Sky News on Thursday, Britain’s former vaccine minister, Nadhim Zahawi, was coy on whether France had stabbed the […]

Give ‘moi’ a break: UK PM Johnson tells France to get over their AUKUS deal grievances

Follow RT on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has blasted France for its reaction to the AUKUS pact, which saw Canberra pull out of a major submarine deal it had with Paris, saying that its Gallic neighbours need to get over it. Speaking in Washington on Wednesday, Johnson burst into Franglais to make a stab […]

‘Our love of France is ineradicable’: UK Prime Minister Johnson tries to placate furious Paris amid submarine deal row

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken about Britain’s undying love for France and the deep bond between the two countries, after the recent AUKUS security pact put a dent in relations. “We are very, very proud of our relationship with France and it is of huge importance to this country,” Johnson […]

‘All within rules’: UK govt defends Foreign Sec Raab for meeting Princess Anne maskless & not quarantining after trip to France

Follow RT on UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has come under fire for skipping self-isolation after returning from Paris and hanging out with Princess Anne instead. The government has said the official did not break any regulations. Raab’s trip abroad was “within the rules”, a Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office official said in a statement […]

‘Are France and Corsica different states too?’ UK Foreign Secretary Raab unloads on EU for ‘offensive’ view of Northern Ireland

Follow RT on UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has asked for “a bit of respect” for Northern Ireland during tough trade talks. British media claimed earlier that French President Emmanuel Macron hinted that the region was not part of the UK. The UK media cited government sources saying that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a […]

France says Jersey fishing row can be ‘quickly unblocked’ by applying post-Brexit trade deal, as UK looks to withdraw naval boats

Follow RT on A spat between London and Paris over the lack of fishing licences granted by Jersey to French fishermen can be resolved through the proper application of the UK and EU’s Brexit agreement, France’s Foreign Ministry has said. “We want the situation to be quickly unblocked through the full implementation of the trade […]

UK to send ROYAL NAVY to Jersey waters as French fishermen threaten to block island’s main port

Follow RT on London has announced it would send two patrol vessels to the island of Jersey in the English Channel as a “precautionary” measure as French fishermen threaten to block its port amid a row over fishing rights. The standoff between Jersey and Paris over providing French vessels with fishing rights in the island’s […]

UK announces new vaccine plan for mutant Covid strains with a further 50 million doses, as France misses out on ‘French’ jab

Follow RT on The UK government has announced a new partnership with German vaccine manufacturer CureVac to “rapidly develop” jabs to protect against new Covid-19 variants, taking the country’s total vaccine order to 457 million doses. In a statement, the government said that the vaccines it is already administering – those developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and […]

France bans non-EU travellers from using quick Covid-19 tests before travel

Follow RT on The French government has announced that it will begin refusing entry to non-EU travellers who use quick, readily available Covid-19 tests, which deliver results in minutes, before traveling to the country. The new restrictions will come into effect on January 18 and will prohibit individuals from using the common antigen or lateral […]

Independent Britain’s first day: Channel traffic smooth on French & UK sides as new post-Brexit era begins

Follow RT on Despite fears of a transport collapse, freight traffic across the Channel continued without major hold-ups and complications in the first hours of Friday after the UK officially quit the EU customs union. Hundreds of lorries have already travelled between France and Britain in both directions through the Channel Tunnel, while dozens more […]

Covid-19 testing starts for thousands of hauliers trapped in UK after France shut border over mutant virus strain

Follow RT on Thousands of lorry drivers stranded in southern England, waiting to enter France, have started being tested for Covid-19 in an operation involving British soldiers, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Wednesday. The French government is among at least 50 countries to keep its borders to the UK shut this week after […]

France and UK work to unlock border as postal deliveries abroad cut and lorries stranded over new Covid-19 mutation

Follow RT on Royal Mail has stopped delivering to several countries that have imposed travel bans on Britain, as the UK tries to clear a backlog of lorries held at the port of Dover, blocked from travelling to Europe amid a new Covid strain. Britain’s postal service said on Monday that France, Turkey, Canada and […]

France sticking to Brexit ‘red lines’ over fishing and level playing field as UK-EU talks drag on

Follow RT on The French government says its Brexit demands, including maintaining unfettered access to UK fishing grounds, will remain unchanged, as Britain continues last-minute trade talks with the EU. Spokesman Gabriel Attal told a news briefing “we certainly have red lines” on the ‘level playing field’ issue and the question of EU fishing quotas […]

UK insists Covid-19 vaccination programme won’t be impacted by French ban on hauliers

Follow RT on The British Transport Minister has said that the UK’s supply of Covid-19 vaccines will not be affected by the French decision to ban freight and travel between the two countries over fear a new virus strain will spread to France. Speaking on Monday, Grant Shapps said that the majority of the UK’s […]

Milli Major – Shut Down The Dance Lyrics (feat. Prez T & Paper Pabs)

[Bridge: Milli Major] We shut down the dance We shut down the dance We shut down the dance We shut down the dance [Hook: Milli Major] We shut down the dance Yeah, you know my team Bagged the promoters Drinks on me There’s queues outside Like say the entry’s free That’s it, I’m onstage next […]