EU must make more concessions on Northern Irish part of the deal, Britain’s Brexit minister insists

Follow RT on The European Union must make significant concessions regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol, Britain’s Brexit Minister David Frost has said, if Brussels and London are to reach an agreed solution. Speaking in an interview with Politico on Thursday ahead of a meeting with Maros Sefcovic, who presides over EU-UK relations after Brexit, Frost […]

‘It takes two to fix it’: UK’s Frost tells EU stop generalising Britain as ‘Brexit obsessed’ & calls for intense N. Ireland talks

Follow RT on The UK’s Brexit minister David Frost has said the Northern Ireland Protocol needs to change as he called on the EU to enhance cooperation with their European partner, hoping for quick and intensive talks over the coming weeks. Speaking in Lisbon on Tuesday, Frost said that in upcoming talks the UK would […]

Border Force no longer accepting ID cards from EU citizens, blocking passport-less Europeans from entry

Follow RT on The UK has stopped accepting ID cards as a valid form of documentation for entry at its border, the government has announced, in a move that means Europeans without passports will be blocked from entering. In a notice published on Friday by the Home Office and Border Force, the government said that […]

Revisions to Northern Ireland Brexit protocol would cause instability – EU senior minister

Follow RT on Brussels will not revise the post-Brexit trade agreement signed with Britain regarding Northern Ireland’s trade, the European Commission’s Vice-President Maros Sefcovic has affirmed, stating that doing so would bring instability. Speaking at Queen’s University in Belfast on Friday, Sefcovic, who presides over Britain and the EU’s relationship after Brexit, said a renegotiation […]

UK government panel claims Covid mutation with 35% death rate a ‘realistic possibility,’ suggests new strains may ‘evade’ vaccines

Follow RT on A British government science panel has claimed that a coronavirus variant with a 35% fatality rate – akin to that seen in the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) – could emerge, and that vaccine booster doses may be needed. A report issued on Friday by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) […]

Double-jabbed US and EU travellers will no longer be required quarantine upon arrival in England from August

Follow RT on The British government has announced that fully vaccinated travellers arriving in England from the US and countries within the EU, bar France, will no longer have to undergo a 10-day Covid quarantine period from August 2 onwards. The move was announced on Wednesday in a government push to revive England’s travel industry […]

Brexit deal ‘wasn’t something to last forever’: Britain says EU is ‘inflexible’ on Northern Ireland issue

Follow RT on The UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has accused the EU of being “inflexible” about the prospect of re-negotiating the Northern Ireland part of the deal, claiming it was not made to “last forever” in the first place. In an interview with Sky News on Wednesday, Kwarteng backed the idea of re-negotiating the […]

‘We cannot go on as we are’: UK Brexit minister demands new Northern Ireland deal with EU

Follow RT on The British government has called for a new deal with the EU to resolve current trade issues between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as the UK’s Brexit minister, David Frost, warned “we cannot go on as we are”. Frost expressed his discontent at the current Northern Ireland Protocol element of the UK’s […]

‘Seek safety in the EU’: UK minister sends message to asylum seekers amid new migrant crisis

Follow RT on A British MP has said the government needs to send a clear message to those seeking refuge in the UK, encouraging them to apply for asylum in the European Union, rather than travelling through safe countries to reach Britain. Speaking to Sky News on Wednesday, Home Office minister Victoria Atkins said it was clear […]

UK receives more than 6 million applications for EU settlement scheme as deadline passes

Follow RT on The UK government reports a whopping 6.02 million people applied for the right to settle in Britain before the scheme’s deadline passed on Wednesday. The program gives EU citizens the right to work, study and access benefits. On Friday, the British government announced that 5.45 million of the 6.02 million applications made […]

EU commissioner Thierry Breton suggests Brussels could block vaccine exports to UK if it fails to comply with Brexit terms

Follow RT on The EU could block the export of coronavirus vaccines to the UK if Boris Johnson’s government fails to comply with the terms of the Brexit trade agreement, the bloc’s single-market commissioner Thierry Breton has suggested. In an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry […]

The Brexit fallout: 5 years on and UK home secretary claims Brits in the EU are being discriminated against

Follow RT on UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has claimed that Britons are experiencing unfair treatment abroad as they struggle to access benefits, jobs and other services in EU member states five years after the UK voted ‘leave’. On the fifth anniversary of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, Patel accused EU countries […]

Anger & alarm as EU proposes reducing UK’s ‘disproportionate’ share of Eurozone’s post-Brexit market for film and video broadcasts

Follow RT on The EU has kicked off a storm after reportedly looking to curb the “disproportionate” influence of British TV and film programming by excluding its content from quotas protecting the “cultural diversity” of European productions. The EU’s ‘Audiovisual and Media Services Directive’ (AVMSD) mandates that European content must account for the majority of […]

Brexit deals blow to UK food & drinks industry with £2bn drop in exports to EU, industry body says 

Follow RT on The UK’s Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has released new data showing that post-Brexit rules have hit the industry hard, with its exports to the EU falling by 47%, or £2 billion, in the first quarter of 2021 alone. The newly-published figures mark the first data since the UK left the EU’s […]

UK must apply Northern Ireland Brexit protocol, EU says after London formally requests ‘sausage ban’ suspension

Follow RT on The UK must stick to its commitments on Northern Ireland border arrangements after Brexit, the EU Commission has said after London sent Brussels a formal request to suspend an upcoming so-called ‘sausage ban’. On Thursday, the UK’s Brexit minister David Frost formally asked the EU for a three-month extension to a grace […]

‘Are France and Corsica different states too?’ UK Foreign Secretary Raab unloads on EU for ‘offensive’ view of Northern Ireland

Follow RT on UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has asked for “a bit of respect” for Northern Ireland during tough trade talks. British media claimed earlier that French President Emmanuel Macron hinted that the region was not part of the UK. The UK media cited government sources saying that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a […]

UK says it has reached £333mn fishing quota agreement with EU

Follow RT on The UK government has reached an agreement on fishing quotas for this year with the EU, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) said on Thursday. The annual negotiations for 2021 are the first the UK has participated in after it left the EU last year. Despite making up just […]

Britain’s Johnson vows ‘free & uninterrupted’ trade with Northern Ireland but no EU deal yet as ‘sausage war’ rolls on

Follow RT on The UK prime minister has said his government will continue to push for “uninterrupted” trade with Northern Ireland after Britain unilaterally suspended Brexit checks on goods moving between Belfast and the British mainland. Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Boris Johnson said that maintaining the territorial and economic integrity of the […]

‘Time running out’ to solve Northern Ireland Brexit issues, UK says, as EU warns London against breaching law

Follow RT on There is now a limited amount of time in which to resolve Brexit-induced border issues in Northern Ireland, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman has said, after the EU warned Britain against breaching international law. The PM’s spokesman said London had not expected Brussels to take such a “purist” approach to the […]

‘Incredibly poisonous’ pesticide banned by EU may receive approval for use in Scottish salmon farms

Follow RT on A pesticide that has been partially banned by the European Union and blamed for decimating bee populations is expected to receive approval for use in Scottish salmon farms, according to reports. The Scottish fish farming industry plans to deploy imidacloprid, an insecticide, in order to kill sea lice that can fester among […]

UK PM Johnson ‘disappointed’ at EU attributing Northern Ireland issues to Brexit rather than trade protocol

Follow RT on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken of his “disappointment” at comments made by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen about trade and border issues faced by Northern Ireland after Brexit. In a speech in Brussels on Monday, von der Leyen said any problems in Northern Ireland “result from Brexit,” not […]

Relationship with EU ‘will be a bit bumpy for a time’ says UK negotiator as London explores doing things ‘differently’ to Brussels

Follow RT on The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator has warned that relations between London and Brussels are likely to remain uneasy for a while, but said the British government’s priority must be to explore doing things differently than the EU. Speaking to lawmakers on Monday, UK Cabinet Minister David Frost said the main objective for […]

UK reaches agreement with EU to end bitter row over post-Brexit diplomatic status

Follow RT on The British government has agreed to grant full diplomatic status to the EU’s ambassador to the UK, João Vale de Almeida, and his 25-strong mission, ending London and Brussels’ acrimonious dispute over post-Brexit arrangements. Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, and UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced the move in a […]

UK to act to ensure flow of medicines to Northern Ireland is uninterrupted amid concerns about post-Brexit supply issues

Follow RT on The UK government has declared it will “take the action we need” to ensure that the flow of medicines to Northern Ireland is uninterrupted over concerns post-Brexit measures will interrupt the supply of crucial drugs. Britain’s Northern Ireland minister, Brandon Lewis, made the statement in the UK Parliament after health officials warned […]

Britain’s negotiator calls on Brussels to respect the Belfast Agreement, but says EU talks have positive momentum

Follow RT on The UK’s chief negotiator with the EU has reported that the two sides have identified a number of outstanding issues relating to Northern Ireland and the post-Brexit arrangement but claimed there is some positive momentum. In a statement released on Friday, the UK government published the comments of Lord David Frost, Britain’s […]

Britain could approve fourth Covid jab in 4 weeks, says Novavax trial chief, as EU demand ‘fairer share’ of UK’s vaccines

Follow RT on The chief investigator for the Novavax vaccine trial in the UK has claimed their injection could be reviewed and ready for rollout within a month as GlaxoSmithKline pens contract to “fill and finish” the jab in Britain. Speaking to the Evening Standard on Tuesday, Novavax’s vaccine trial chief Professor Paul Heath said […]

EU launches legal action over UK decision to unilaterally extend Brexit grace period

Follow RT on The European Union (EU) has launched legal action against the UK over its decision to unilaterally extend the Brexit grace period, sending a formal letter accusing Britain of breaching the Northern Ireland protocol. The EU Commission’s spokesperson confirmed that legal proceedings had been started against the UK, claiming that it was a […]

Boris Johnson denies EU claim Britain has blocked Covid vaccine exports to bloc amid war of words over jabs

Follow RT on The UK has not blocked Covid-19 vaccines from reaching the EU, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday, in response to Brussels’ claims that Britain had halted such exports due to an ongoing tussle over the shots. “Let me be clear: we have not blocked the export of a single Covid-19 vaccine […]

UK criticised by EU and Ireland for breach of trust over Northern Ireland Protocol changes

Follow RT on The UK government has been criticised by both the EU’s finance chief, Mairead McGuinness, and Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney for a breach of trust over unilateral changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol. McGuinness and Coveney expressed their outrage over the breach of trust a day after the UK unilaterally extended a […]

Outlawed loyalist paramilitary groups withdraw support for Good Friday peace deal over Northern Ireland Protocol

Follow RT on The Loyalist Communities Council (LCC) has written to the UK PM informing him that its members are withdrawing their support for the Good Friday Agreement over concerns about the impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol. The body, which represents outlawed loyalist paramilitary groups, announced the decision to remove its support for the […]