Why did Charles III become not only the king, but also the head of the Church of England?

Becoming king, Charles III also assumed the role of head of the Church of England. “The role and duties of the monarchy remain the same, as do the special relations and responsibilities of the sovereign towards the Church of England — the church in which my own faith is so deeply rooted, — said the […]

England reveals measures to help schools battle staff shortages amid Covid

Follow RT on The government has advised schools in England that they can prevent further disruptions to education caused by Covid-related staff shortages by bringing retired teachers back to work. “We know that in areas with high absence, a particular issue can be the availability of supply staff,” Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said in a […]

England lifting all countries from Covid ‘red list’

Follow RT on The British government is removing all the countries named on England’s pandemic travel red list, Secretary for Transport Grant Shapps has announced. “From 4am on Wednesday, December 15, all 11 countries will be removed from England’s travel list,” Shapps revealed in a statement posted on Twitter on Tuesday. He added that all […]

PM Boris Johnson moves England into Covid ‘Plan B’

Follow RT on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new Covid restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the new Omicron variant, including the return of work from home advice and introducing coronavirus passes in certain settings. From December 13, everyone across England who can work from home should do it, Johnson said at a […]

Covid compliance hits rock bottom in England

Follow RT on New data released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that three in 10 people in England are failing to self-isolate if they develop Covid-like symptoms amid a drop in compliance with coronavirus guidance. The survey, conducted last month, found that 29% of respondents who’d had Covid symptoms failed to […]

Cabinet minister explains why UK now is ‘probably world’s freest country’

Follow RT on UK Minister of State for the Cabinet Office and chief Brexit negotiator David Frost has said that the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions has made Britain “the freest” nation in the world. “Unavoidably, we’ve had a lot of state direction and control during the pandemic,” Lord Frost said at an event in London […]

Church of England reacts to claims it’s linked to refugees tricking system 

Follow RT on The Church of England has rejected allegations that it helped asylum seekers to ‘game’ the immigration system by converting from Islam to Christianity, claiming it does not allow people to “dodge the law.” The Church of England came under the spotlight on Tuesday after it was reported that the Liverpool bomb suspect […]

Frontline health workers in England to get new vaccine guidelines

Follow RT on England’s frontline NHS workers will have to be fully inoculated against Covid-19 by April 1 as a mandatory condition of their employment, Heath Secretary Sajid Javid has said, as tens of thousands of staff are still not jabbed. Speaking on Tuesday to Parliament, Javid confirmed that “all those working in the NHS […]

‘Tsunami of unmet need’: England’s health and social care system ‘exhausted and depleted’ due to staff shortages, report says

Follow RT on The UK’s health and social care watchdog has issued a warning to the government in its annual assessment of the system in England, raising concerns about staff shortages and the risk of people being unable to access support.  In a report published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on Thursday, the independent […]

UK invites 800 more foreign butchers to deal with pig slaughter backlog & avert mass culling

Follow RT on Up to 800 additional butchers will be allowed to apply for temporary six-month UK visas, London has announced, as the nation continues to suffer from an acute labour shortage blamed both on Brexit and the Covid pandemic. The butchers will be eligible to apply for visas from the existing allocation in the […]

A&E waiting times in England hit record level of more than 12 HOURS, as NHS patient backlog grows to nearly 6 million

Follow RT on The number of people waiting for hospital treatment via England’s NHS grew to 5.7 million at the end of August, while wait times at emergency units hit a record of more than 12 hours, the health service has revealed. Monthly data released by NHS England highlighted the challenge facing the service amid […]

‘Alarming’ drop in life expectancy in England even before Covid pandemic hit, new university study shows

Follow RT on Life expectancy across the UK was falling even before the Covid pandemic hit, with researchers finding an “alarming” drop over the past decade, according to a study published by Imperial College London (ICL). Having examined around 8.6 million death records in England from 2002-2019, ICL found that life expectancy decreased in one […]

Nearly 20% of critically-ill Covid patients in England are unvaccinated pregnant women as medics beg mothers to get jabbed

Follow RT on Doctors in England have urged expectant mothers to get jabbed against coronavirus after data showed that 17% of Covid patients receiving treatment through a special lung-bypass machine were pregnant women yet to get inoculated. On Monday, Dr Viki Male, reproductive immunology expert at Imperial College London, told Sky News that “from an […]

Universities ignoring poor writing skills in favour of ‘inclusivity,’ England’s higher education regulator says

Follow RT on England’s higher education watchdog has warned it will take action against institutions that ignore students’ poor writing skills as part of their “inclusive assessment” policies, saying it’s a “widespread” problem. On Thursday, the Office for Students (OfS) published the findings of a review of assessment policies at five unidentified UK universities and […]

6 in 10 patients with ‘red flag’ cancer signs in England not being referred to specialists fast enough – study

Follow RT on Doctors in England are failing to refer the majority of patients with ‘red flag’ cancer symptoms like bleeding and lumps to specialists, according to a new study that raises questions about the state of “clinical judgement.” The findings, published in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety on Monday, showed that 60% of […]

England’s cancer treatment backlog could take ‘decades’ to clear after Covid pandemic crippled patient care – report

Follow RT on The cancer treatment backlog in England could “take decades to address” after the Covid pandemic caused the health service to “collapse rapidly”, according to a new report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR). In the research, released on Friday, the independent progressive think tank warned of the impact of the […]

Half of children have already had Covid, England’s chief medical officer says, with highest transmission rate among school pupils

Follow RT on Roughly half of all schoolchildren have already had Covid-19, England’s chief medical officer has said, adding that the highest rate of transmission of the virus is currently being seen in this age group. Speaking on Wednesday, England’s CMO Chris Whitty remarked that “there is definitely substantial transmission happening in this age group […]

‘Parallel pandemic’: England has experienced record-high drug deaths during COVID-19, charities warn

Follow RT on England and Wales suffered a record high number of drug deaths in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, following in the footsteps of Scotland and the United States, which experienced a similar rise. There were 4,561 deaths from drug poisoning last year – up 3.8% from 2019 and the highest number since records […]

UK government panel claims Covid mutation with 35% death rate a ‘realistic possibility,’ suggests new strains may ‘evade’ vaccines

Follow RT on A British government science panel has claimed that a coronavirus variant with a 35% fatality rate – akin to that seen in the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) – could emerge, and that vaccine booster doses may be needed. A report issued on Friday by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) […]

Estate agent confesses to assaulting England’s chief medical officer in London’s St James’s Park

Follow RT on Lewis Hughes, an estate agent from Essex, pleaded guilty on Friday at Westminster Magistrates Court to assaulting England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, in London’s St James Park on June 27. The case was sparked after video footage circulated on social media showing two men, one of whom was Hughes, grabbing […]

Double-jabbed US and EU travellers will no longer be required quarantine upon arrival in England from August

Follow RT on The British government has announced that fully vaccinated travellers arriving in England from the US and countries within the EU, bar France, will no longer have to undergo a 10-day Covid quarantine period from August 2 onwards. The move was announced on Wednesday in a government push to revive England’s travel industry […]

Over a million children in England missed school over Covid on July 15, Department of Education reveals

Follow RT on Data released by the UK government has revealed more than one million children in England were absent from school on July 15 due to coronavirus-related reasons – the highest number reported since pupils returned in March. The Department of Education published findings on Tuesday which show that 1.05 million children – approximately […]

Concern after UK govt site suggests shortage of lateral flow Covid tests as England unlocks, ministry says ‘glitch’ to blame

Follow RT on Britons eager to obtain lateral flow Covid-19 tests through the UK government website were met with a message on Monday saying that no more could be ordered online or by phone, in what health officials later said was a “glitch.” On the same day England ditched its Covid restrictions, many people applying […]

‘Unity Is Freedom’: Anti-lockdown protesters rally in London as Covid-19 restrictions lifted in England (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on Anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination activists rallied in London on Monday, despite nearly all coronavirus-related restrictions having been lifted the very same day. Thousands gathered outside the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the country’s parliament, carrying signs reading “Unity Is Freedom” and “It’s Not a Pandemic, It’s an IQ Test.” Protesters chanted, “Shame […]

Revellers line up at London clubs to celebrate #FreedomDay as England lifts most Covid-19 restrictions at midnight

Follow RT on Partygoers all across England flocked to newly reopened nightclubs to mark what has become known as “Freedom Day,” as the bulk of Covid-19 restrictions were lifted at the stroke of midnight. Footage shared on social media showed long queues forming outside London’s nightclub venues on Sunday ahead of the much-anticipated reopening at […]

‘Unusual’ winter vomiting bug outbreaks on rise in England, public health agency finds, as Covid-19 restrictions are eased

Follow RT on As the UK government prepares to drop Covid restrictions in England, people there are now facing another disease – a diarrhoea-causing norovirus also known as the winter vomiting bug, Public Health England has warned. A “routine surveillance” across the health system has revealed an “unusual” increase in the number of “out-of-season” disease […]

England’s Covid-19 prevalence rises sharply to 1 in 95 as govt prepares to drop restrictions

Follow RT on Britain’s Office for National Statistics has said that Covid-19 prevalence in England has reached one in 95 people, as the government prepares to drop statutory restrictions on Monday. On Friday, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the prevalence of Covid-19 continues to grow week on week in England, as the Delta […]

20% jump in alcohol-related deaths in England as many turn to drinking at home during pandemic – govt

Follow RT on England has seen an unprecedented yearly increase in deaths due to alcohol during the Covid-19 pandemic, driven by excessive alcohol consumption at home, Public Health England (PHE) has said, in a fresh report. Almost 7,000 people died from alcohol-specific diseases in 2020, the UK government said on Thursday, citing new data published […]