Lady Gaga Poses With All 5 Living Ex-Presidents at Hurricane Relief Concert

Foreshadowing? Lady Gaga gave a surprise appearance at the Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal concert at Texas A&M University Saturday in front of all five living former U.S. presidents—Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The event was aimed at raising funds and awareness for those affected by the […]

Dreezy Feat. 6LACK & Kodak Black “Spar” Lyrics

Tweet Share (Intro: Kodak Black) Aye mayne, I like the depth of this song, ya know what I’m sayin’ Not the death of the song but the D-E-P-T-H of the song Ya feel me, the complexity and sh*t I like the topic Kodak Black man (Hook: 6LACK) Look my word is bond as f**k My […]

YG Angry Everyone Praising Eminem While Ignoring His Trump Diss Track

TweetShare YG is not amused that while everyone is praising Eminem take down of Donald Trump while pushing aside his own Trump diss track from a year ago. Eminem freestyle at last night’s BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher is the trending topic in hip hop today and while the Detroit legend is getting a lot […]

Rick Ross – Apple Of My Eye (feat. Raphael Saadiq) (Rather You Than Me Album)

[Intro: Rick Ross] (Hahahah!) Just being somebody that the neighborhood respected And my mama could be proud of, was the apple of my eye That’s all I ever wanted, just being something, man So at that point what else can you ask for? (Maybach Music) [Verse 1: Rick Ross] Tears runnin’ down a nigga face […]

Mobile Hotspots – End Of The World Update lyrics

Dumb people, smart phones Civil wars and no-fly zone Hidden spies, flying drones Experiments with mutant clones Additives that break hormones Two sit on the papal throne Next – What’s Next? What’s your – Best Bet? Health care, doctor’s office Super bugs like staphylococcus Legal thugs in congress caucus Arguments that somehow lost us Opposing […]

Zach Farlow – Round Here (Over ’til It’s Over Album)

[Hook] Fuck what you sayin’ round here Boy, we ain’t playin’ round here Don’t fuck with no lame round here We takin’ names round here (what’s your name?) Spittin’ that flame round here We go insane round here I take your bitch [?] Imma quit it round here I fuck with the plug round here […]

Pink Guy – Gays 4 Donald (Pink Season Album)

[Intro] I hate blacks, I hate spics I hate Jews, I hate chinks I hate Arabs, I hate mongoloids I hate lesbians [Chorus 1] Donald Trump, Donald Trump Donald Trump, I’m voting for Donald Trump Donald Trump, Donald Trump Donald Trump, I’m voting for, voting for Donald Trump [Verse 1] You’re looking kinda sexy, Donnie […]