British Army to start delivering fuel to pumps next week, amid claims gas shortage ‘under control’ to quell panic buying

Follow RT on The UK government has called in the army to help ease the country’s fuel crisis by providing hundreds of troops to make deliveries to petrol stations, many of which have seen their pumps run completely dry amid panic buying. The so-called “Operation Escalin” will initially involve mobilising more than 200 soldiers, including […]

Wrong D-Day? British Army mocked after accidentally recreating porn meme with WWII veteran couch photo

Follow RT on The British Army faced a storm of mockery after posting a photo of one of the last living soldiers who participated in the 1944 Normandy landings, with the internet crowd finding it strikingly similar to a popular porn meme. The ill-fated picture emerged on Twitter earlier this week. The photo, taken in […]

UK PM Johnson ‘apologises unreservedly’ for British Army’s killing of nine ‘entirely innocent’ Northern Irish people in Belfast

Follow RT on The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologised on behalf of the government for the killings of nine Northern Irish people in 1971, after a judge ruled they were totally innocent and not paramilitaries, as previously claimed. In a statement, Downing Street said the PM described the findings about the killings, known […]

WATCH: Irate lorry drivers scuffle with police as French-UK border reopens

Follow RT on A group of men, believed to be lorry drivers irate at sudden border closures due to the outbreak of the new, more virulent strain of Covid-19, clashed with police in Dover on Wednesday morning as tensions flared. The reported “standoff” was the result of a delay in reopening the border after a […]