‘Please stop’: Boris Johnson’s ‘Build Back Butter’ toast video makes Britons cringe

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson puzzled British social media users on Tuesday after he posted a video of himself buttering toast and saying “Build Back Butter” – a play on his ‘Build Back Better’ slogan. The seven-second video showed the prime minister buttering a piece of toast in a suit and tie […]

‘Illegitimate protesters?’ Boris Johnson roasted online as he announces crackdown on climate activists over road blockades

Follow RT on Prime Minister Boris Johnson has caused quite a stir on British social media as he announced tougher sanctions against activists “unfairly blocking motorways”, and new powers for the police to deal with “illegitimate protesters”. “We can’t have people’s lives unfairly disrupted by those who are blocking motorways, gluing themselves to the tarmac,” […]

‘Can we feed hungry kids first?’ Brits unimpressed with Boris Johnson’s plans for ‘galactic Britain’ amid benefit cuts

Follow RT on Downing Street’s announcement that Britain will be the first country to launch a rocket into orbit from Europe next year has not gone down well with all Brits, with some suggesting London could better spend the money elsewhere. On Monday, Boris Johnson’s government released a statement underlining the National Space Strategy which […]

Labour’s Angela Rayner says she’ll apologise for calling Tories ‘scum’ if Boris Johnson takes back ‘racist & homophobic’ comments

Follow RT on Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the UK Labour Party, promised to apologise for calling Conservative ministers “scum” but only on the condition that Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologise for previous insulting comments he made. During the Labour Party’s annual conference on Saturday, Rayner sparked controversy after she reportedly referred to Boris Johnson […]

Boris Johnson pleads with Jeff Bezos to pay Amazon’s swelling UK tax bill, seemingly to no avail

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has attempted to confront Amazon founder and world’s richest man Jeff Bezos over his company’s minimal tax payments in the country during the UN General Assembly, Downing Street has confirmed. The British leader met with Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez in the UK diplomatic residence on […]

‘Just another distraction’: Some unconvinced by Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle following benefits cut

Follow RT on Junior ministers were among the first to go in Boris Johnson’s broad cabinet reshuffle, but some view the move as a distraction intended to divert attention from a decision to cut benefits that were raised during the pandemic. On Wednesday morning, the British prime minister reportedly set up office in the tearoom […]

Boris Johnson becomes butt of Nicki Minaj’s joke after chief medical officer slams rapper’s ‘shameful’ vaccine-skeptical tweets

Follow RT on Rapper Nicki Minaj has hit back at Britain’s prime minister and chief medical officer in two tweets, including a bizarre audio clip in a British accent, after they claimed not to know her and dismissed her vaccine skepticism. On Tuesday evening, Trinidadian-born rapper Nicki Minaj put on a British accent and released […]

Taliban’s takeover of Kabul prompts Boris Johnson to convene urgent COBRA meeting & ask parliament to end summer holiday

Follow RT on The UK is taking seriously the events in Afghanistan, where the Taliban has just entered Kabul, with PM Boris Johnson assembling an urgent COBRA meeting and asking the parliament to come out of recess to discuss the takeover. Earlier on Sunday, Taliban fighters made their way into Kabul, which had remained the […]

Boris Johnson wants to waive quarantine rules for COP26 attendees jabbed with Chinese & Russian vaccines – media

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has backed the plan to let foreign guests at a major climate summit in autumn to forgo quarantine if they’ve been vaccinated with Chinese or Russian jabs, media claim. Johnson supports plans to allow thousands of foreign delegates, who have received China’s Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccines, or […]

‘Endlessly on people’s legs’: Boris Johnson bemoans his pooch’s ‘romantic urges’ on visit with police dog handlers

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed he’s struggling with his pet dog’s “romantic urges” and said the high-profile canine has been known to “endlessly” hump people’s legs in Downing Street. Johnson’s admission came on Tuesday while talking to police officers after watching canine training at the Surrey forces’ headquarters in Guildford. […]

Rebellion in Westminster? Tory MPs say they’ll defy Boris Johnson and vote against ‘illiberal’ vaccine passports

Follow RT on Prime Minister Boris Johnson hasn’t just angered large swathes of the British public with his proposed vaccine passports: he’s also angered his own MPs, many of whom have now pledged to vote against such a measure. Mere hours after Britain’s nightclubs reopened on Monday, Johnson blindsided the public with an announcement that […]

Boris Johnson didn’t want 2nd lockdown last year because it would ‘kill the economy’ to save the elderly, former top aide says

Follow RT on Dominic Cummings has claimed that the British PM denied the NHS would be overwhelmed by rising Covid-19 cases last year and was reluctant to impose a second lockdown, as he did not want to “kill the economy” to save the elderly. The former top Downing Street adviser made the bombshell revelations in […]

Boris Johnson’s food policy strategist says meat tax ‘may be necessary’ but warns of FOOD RIOTS if brought in too soon – reports

Follow RT on After the UK’s government climate change advisers urged it to implement policy to reduce meat and dairy consumption, Boris Johnson’s hand-picked food strategy planner reportedly says a meat tax “may be necessary” in the future. Restaurateur Henry Dimbleby, chosen to lead Downing Street’s ‘National Food Strategy’ formulation body, believes that a levy […]

Former top aide attacks Boris Johnson for peddling ‘fiction’ about ‘totally f**king hopeless’ health secretary’s Covid ‘failures’

Follow RT on In a stunning blog post, Dominic Cummings has claimed that the UK Prime Minister is working with health secretary Matt Hancock to “rewrite history” despite supposedly considering him “totally f**king hopeless”. Among the series of bombshell revelations about Downing Street’s Covid response, Cummings leaked a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation purportedly with Johnson […]

‘Empire 2.0 fantasy’: Boris Johnson pens G7 article on post-Covid world, draws flak for ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘undermining democracy’

Follow RT on Ahead of the G7 summit, British PM Boris Johnson has drawn ridicule for an article in which he seemingly invokes wartime bonhomie to state his vision for a post-Covid world built on “openness, freedom, democracy and free trade.” Among the priorities Johnson lists in the article, published on Thursday, is a pledge […]

Boris Johnson offered to be injected with Covid-19 on live TV to show virus was nothing to fear, Dominic Cummings tells parliament

Follow RT on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested intentionally infecting himself with coronavirus in order to demonstrate that the disease was not a serious threat to the public, his former top aide, Dominic Cummings, has claimed. Speaking before a Commons committee on Wednesday as part of an inquest into the government’s handling of the […]

Scotland’s Sturgeon warns Boris Johnson not to block SECOND independence vote, says he’d be ‘picking a fight’ with Scottish people

Follow RT on Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to block another independence referendum. However, Sturgeon may not be in a position to demand such a vote. With counting still underway in Scotland’s parliamentary election, Sturgeon’s is on track for a fourth term as first minister, winning 62 out […]

Boris Johnson urged to tackle underage access to porn, activist groups cite violence against women & Sarah Everard murder – report

Follow RT on Citing a link between pornography and violence against women, a coalition of UK schoolteachers and children’s rights groups has urged Boris Johnson to take immediate action to curb the ease of access to online porn for minors. In a letter to the prime minister on Thursday, the activists reportedly called on Johnson […]

Boris Johnson denies saying ‘let the bodies pile high’ after SNP MP asks if he’s a ‘liar’

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson shot down claims he said “let the bodies pile high in their thousands” during the Covid-19 pandemic and called on those who allegedly heard him to come forward publicly. During Parliament’s Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, the Scottish National Party’s House of Commons Leader Ian Blackford called […]

Boris Johnson hunts for leaker with ‘internal inquiry’ after ‘lobbying’ texts with billionaire James Dyson exposed

Follow RT on Downing Street is investigating the leak of text messages between Boris Johnson and billionaire vacuum cleaner tycoon James Dyson following outcry over the PM’s phone ‘lobbying’. With Johnson embroiled in a scandal after promising Dyson that his staff wouldn’t pay extra taxes if they returned to the UK to help make ventilators […]

Boris Johnson’s ‘discriminatory’ vaccine passport plan in trouble as Labour and Tory rebels unite in opposition

Follow RT on Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a significant defeat in the House of Commons after the Labour Party warned it will join Conservative Party rebels to oppose “discriminatory” plans to introduce Covid vaccine passports. The UK government is facing mounting opposition from backbench MPs and members of the Labour Party over plans to […]

Boris Johnson says forced vaccination for care home staff ‘responsible’, but demanding jab certs from pub-goers ‘up to landlords’

Follow RT on Care-home bosses mulling mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for staff are acting responsibly, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said, although he refused to say whether pubs should bar punters who haven’t been jabbed. Johnson said on Wednesday the concept of vaccine certification “should not be totally alien to us” as he was […]

‘Legitimate’ owner? Boris Johnson says UK ‘legally’ obtained Elgin Marbles, will not return them to Greece

Follow RT on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dashed Athens’ hopes of getting back the Parthenon/Elgin Marbles by saying that the British Museum remains their “rightful” owner following “legal” acquisition in the 19th century. The ancient sculptures that once adorned the famed fifth century BC Parthenon temple in Athens were “legally acquired” by the […]

Boris Johnson denies EU claim Britain has blocked Covid vaccine exports to bloc amid war of words over jabs

Follow RT on The UK has not blocked Covid-19 vaccines from reaching the EU, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday, in response to Brussels’ claims that Britain had halted such exports due to an ongoing tussle over the shots. “Let me be clear: we have not blocked the export of a single Covid-19 vaccine […]

US activists condemn Boris Johnson’s voter ID plan, accuse him of copying Trump

Follow RT on As Boris Johnson prepares to introduce voter ID laws in the UK, US activist groups such as the ACLU have spoken out against the proposal, comparing its proponents to Donald Trump and warning it would “suppress the vote.” Johnson is expected to introduce a bill this spring mandating photo ID at polling […]

Johnson ‘biggest recruiting sergeant for nationalism,’ ex-PM Brown says in blistering attack on Britain’s Covid-19 response

Follow RT on The UK appears “dysfunctional” by its uncoordinated devolved responses to Covid-19 and Boris Johnson risks being “the biggest recruiting sergeant for nationalism,” former PM Gordon Brown’s stinging assessment has claimed. Writing for the Scottish Fabian Society, a left-wing think tank associated with Britain’s Labour Party, Brown, who led the UK’s Labour government […]

‘Speak for yourself’: Boris Johnson skewered after telling school kids journalists find themselves ‘abusing people’

Follow RT on Boris Johnson is facing swift backlash after he claimed – to a group of school children – that journalists always find themselves “abusing people” and the job made him feel so guilty he left for a more honest career in politics. During a school visit in London on Tuesday, Johnson – a […]

There is ‘no credible route to a zero-Covid Britain,’ Boris Johnson says, as he unveils ‘irreversible’ lockdown-lifting plan

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday conceded there is “no credible route” for Britain or the world to become completely free of Covid-19, as he announced a plan to gradually lift restrictions. Noting that there will be more cases, hospitalizations, and deaths whenever the UK decides to lift its lockdown – […]

Got away with murder? Boris Johnson jokes at Covid vaccine centre as he tries to put on tight gloves ‘like O.J. SIMPSON’

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson turned a photo op into an insensitive gaffe as he called his struggles in putting on a pair of tight rubber gloves at a Covid-19 vaccination centre in South Wales “like O.J. Simpson.” The incident occurred as Johnson tried to put on a pair of disposable gloves […]

BBC names as new chair ex-Goldman Sachs banker who advised Boris Johnson and gave £400k to UK’s ruling party

Follow RT on A former Goldman Sachs investment banker who donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the UK’s ruling Conservative Party has been officially named as the BBC’s new chairman, the government said on Wednesday. The BBC board chair is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the government and comes with a […]