Mike Dece – The Federation Lyrics (feat. Denzel Curry)

[Verse 1: Mike Dece] Slidin’ out 32, pistol regurgin’ you Taking lives faster than bops that keep hurting you I am not urging you, serve what I’m servin’ to keep my mind straight and my plate full of holy food Shots to your head like I’m Holyfield Pistol beside me, my holy shield All of […]

Migos – Motorsport (feat. Nicki Minaj & Cardi B)

From CDQ snippet [Intro: Quavo] Skrrt M-M-M-Murda [Chorus: Quavo] Motorsport, yeah, put that thing in sports (skrrt, skrrt) Shawty bad (bad), pop it like a cork (pop it) You a dork, never been a sport (dork, yeah) Pull up (woo, woo), jumpin’ out the court Cotton candy (drink), my cup tastes like the fair (cotton) […]