WATCH long queues for Banksy’s shirts supporting statue-toppling protesters

Follow RT on Crowds desperate to buy shirts designed by the mysterious street artist Banksy have been seen in Bristol, UK. They were released to support protesters on trial for toppling a slave trader statue during a Black Lives Matter march. Banksy designed the limited edition “souvenir shirts” to mark the trial of four people […]

School to change name after founder’s statue dumped in harbor during BLM protests

Follow RT on Just over a year after the statue of its founder was toppled amid Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, Colston’s School in Bristol has announced it will change its name, despite the public supporting its retention. In a statement on Monday, Colston’s Board of Governors said that the decision was taken “following an […]

Slavery-linked statues to remain after City of London councillors vote for ‘retain & explain’ in U-turn after BLM outcry

Follow RT on London city councillors have voted to retain two slavery-linked statues with the caveat that their connections to the transatlantic trade are listed on informative plaques. On Thursday, Square Mile financial district councillors voted in favour of retaining and explaining the two slavery-linked statues which had previously been recommended for removal.  Councillors agreed […]

Queen Elizabeth II supports BLM, royals ‘passionately care’ about removing racial barriers, top aide says

Follow RT on The UK’s Queen Elizabeth II supports the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and is committed to improving race relations in the UK, a senior Buckingham Palace representative has said. Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London Ken Olisa, who is the Queen’s liaison in the British capital, told Channel 4 News that the royals “care […]

Free speech news channel GB News ‘cancels’ host for taking BLM knee live on air – reports

Follow RT on GB News, a free-speech-centred UK news channel that launched just last month, has reportedly taken one of its hosts off air “indefinitely” for taking a knee “rejecting racism” on his show. According to The Guardian, which spoke to unnamed sources at GB News, presenter Guto Harri has been “indefinitely taken off air” […]

‘Wow, good friends ehhh?’: Britons shocked as none of 30 ‘friends’ at party where BLM activist was shot talk to police

Follow RT on Britons have expressed their shock, disgust and anger after it emerged that none of the partygoers present at the shooting of BLM activist Sasha Johnson, who campaigned to defund the police, have provided evidence to the Met. In an interview with the Evening Standard on Monday, Detective Chief Inspector Richard Leonard revealed […]

Toppled Edward Colston statue, complete with ‘preserved graffiti’, is on display in a Bristol museum… alongside BLM signs

Follow RT on Bristol’s statue of slave trader Edward Colston, pulled down by Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists last year, has re-emerged as a local museum exhibit, with visitors asked to share what they think should become of the sculpture. The statue was targeted by protesters during a large demonstration in the city on June […]

London police arrest 5 men on suspicion of attempted murder of BLM activist Sasha Johnson who was shot in head

Follow RT on The Met Police have arrested five men on suspicion of the attempted murder of Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson, who was shot in the head in the early hours of Sunday, but they don’t believe she was intentionally targeted. Johnson, 27, who is a member of the Taking the Initiative Party, […]

12% of Brits say they’re ‘woke’, with Guardian and BBC among ‘wokest’ media outlets, YouGov poll finds

Follow RT on Some 12% of the British public consider themselves “woke,” according to new research by polling site YouGov, although it appears that not everyone in the UK has added the trendy term to their vocabulary. In February, YouGov asked 1,692 British adults about what it means to be woke and whether they would […]

‘Madness’: Jane Austen museum to add displays on iconic writer’s ‘connection’ to colonialism & slavery after BLM protests

Follow RT on A museum dedicated to Jane Austen in the English countryside is introducing displays on the writer’s “colonial roots” and connection to the British Empire following Black Lives Matter protests. According to the Telegraph newspaper, Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton, Hampshire will feature displays showing the beloved writer’s “links to slavery” through […]

UK police urged to ‘think very carefully’ before participating in BLM protests – report

Follow RT on A report by the UK’s independent police watchdog has warned the nation’s police to consider their actions before engaging with protestors during demonstrations by taking a knee, skateboarding or dancing with activists. The warning from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) came in a report commissioned by the Home Secretary after 2020 […]

‘Those protests were dreadful’: UK Home Secretary says she ‘wouldn’t kneel’ for BLM, kicking off online slugfest

Follow RT on Britain’s Home Secretary Priti Patel is no fan of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, and her latest anti-BLM declaration, in which she called the demonstrations “dreadful,” has ignited a storm of controversy online. Speaking to London-based radio station LBC on Friday, Patel told host Nick Ferrari that she wouldn’t “take the knee” […]